Thrill Friends and Family with Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box Gifts

Thrill Friends and Family with Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box Gifts

We love engaging with our customers. When we encounter people knowledgeable about tea, it thrills us to dive deep into the complexities of Chinese oolong, Japanese matcha and Indian Darjeeling. Helping tea newbies is just as exciting; it brings us joy to send them home with teas that we know will yield new tastes, and that will compel them to return to Ku Cha House of Tea and learn more about our favorite beverage.

Tea recommendations fill our days. And now that the holiday season is upon us, our counsel is even more in demand, as customers stroll the aisles of our five stores looking for gifts for friends and family.

In many cases, one recommendation we urge upon people is to check out our Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box program, which is custom-made for gift givers and recipients alike. 

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box
Our Build Your Own gift box program works seamlessly for gift recipients and receivers alike.

Here’s how it works.

You, the generous gift giver, pre-pay for the Build Your Own box ($34.95, which includes shipping) and let us know who the recipient is. If you would like us to include a personal message in the box, let us know the contents of the message and we will make sure the box comes with a card and your happy sentiments. We then alert the recipient, normally via email, about your gift. The recipients then head to the Build Your Own page on our website, and pick a total of six teas from five broad categories, each of which offers a range of teas for them to pick from. For example, the “Flower Power” category includes four teas that incorporate flowers into the tea blends. 

Once the gift recipient selects her teas, then Ku Cha arranges them in gift boxes, and ships them to their homes. 

Easy! And lots of fun. We have received superb feedback about this unique program, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Following are the categories, and short descriptions about each tea. You can find all of the information, too, on the website.

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box: Relaxation and Immunity

Invite your gift recipient to relax with a tea from this category.

The quartet of organic teas in this category are dialed-in for relaxation, stress reduction and sleep. Each of them is an herbal blend offering unique health and wellness advantages

Organic Night Time Blend

For the many people who suffer from sleeplessness, the going gets rough. Night after night with subpar sleep results in spinning minds, lack of focus, anxity and exhaustion. Sipping our Night Time Blend before hitting the sack offers a perfect way to unwind and prepare for a long, dream-filled night between the sheets.

Organic ImmuniTea

A relaxing rooibos blend that helps boost immunity and vital energy, while also optimizing serenity. Marshmallow reduces inflammation and soothes muscle pain; it is also a detoxing tonic for kidney health. Echinacea reduces free radicals. Gingko leaf promotes blood circulation and heart health, and is regarded as a “youthful” herb.

Organic Cloud Chaser

Set aside fifteen minutes as a gift to yourself, and find a quiet corner where you can enjoy a cup of Cloud Chaser. As you breathe in the calming aroma, conjure all of the things for which you are grateful. This wonderful infusion of organic herbs combined with a daily ritual of gratitude will help lift your mood, and chase away lingering clouds, revealing nothing but blue skies and a brighter outlook.

Organic CHA Relax

This special Ku Cha blend is created in collaboration with CU Boulder’s Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA). Ironically, CHA means tea in Chinese! Green Rooibos, a native herbal tea from South Africa, is rich in vitamins and electrolytes. Gingko and Elder can help with blood circulation and fight allergies. Quenching, soothing, and gently sweet.

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box: Flower Power

Flowers and tea—a classic combination.

Tea and flowers enjoy a long history together in blends. In China, for example, tea artisans have been combining fresh jasmine blossoms and harvested tea for centuries. This category includes four teas that lean into the power of petals for flavor, perfume and health.

Lemon Blossom Oolong

This lightly oxidized Chinese oolong is mixed with lemon and an abundance of heather flowers for an aromatic, sweet and lightly tangy brew. The flavors are delicate and enchanting and the heather flowers add powers of detox, inflammation reduction and joint assistance. 

Lady Earl Grey Black Tea

For this pretty tea, we blend our house Earl Grey tea, which like all Earl Greys contains citrusy bergamot oil, with lavender flowers and lemon peel. The result is a fragrant and deliciously smooth tea that is perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Organic Green Tea Chrysanthemum

We combine our house green tea, which is quite smooth and lovely, with chrysanthemum blossoms and peppermint, yielding a lightly earthy and pleasantly floral brew. Chrysanthemum is known for its many health benefits such as supporting lung health and reducing internal inflammations, according to Chinese medicine.

China Rose Black Tea

This flavor-bountiful black tea is scented with aromatic rose petals. When brewed it has a smooth taste with a rich floral aroma and a nice, clean finish. This tea is wonderful on its own, or try adding milk to create a creamy floral elixir. Incorporate a cup of this beautiful tea to your morning and enjoy your day!

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box: World Travelers

Drink tea, and travel the globe!

Tea is a global agricultural product, with countries around the world growing traditional Camellia sinensis and many more offering the botanical ingredients that comprise herbal tea. Given the diversity of potential flavors, we think that teas can be evocative of just about anywhere on the planet.

Spring in Paris Black Tea

We combine bold black tea with the sweet and fruity taste of the delicate, freshly plucked strawberries. And then we add the pleasantly spicy character of pink peppercorn, or “baie rose,” from France. A spectacular, wistful blend, this gourmet tea does not make false promises—it somehow delivers us straight to Paris.

Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Moroccans are famous for blending fresh mint with a strong green tea, then sweetening it with copious amounts of sugar. Moroccan Mint is our own house blend of this traditional drink. The gunpowder green tea brings a strong flavor and is nicely balanced with sweet spearmint. We recommend adding a little of our rock sugar to emulate the famous Moroccan beverage, although any sweetener will at least approximate the Moroccan approach to drinking tea.

Shanghai Dreams Fruit Tea

Swirling a glass of this creamy cherry vanilla tea, we dream of old Shanghai nights in the ’40s: jazz music, dim lights, perfume from silk dresses, forgotten whispers, and so much more. A delicious cherry fruit tea with a smooth vanilla finish.

Organic Bombay Chai

Lively Bombay street markets inspired this sweet chai. For an authentic chai experience, boil the tea with milk, sugar, and fresh ginger, on the stove-top. Delicious.

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box: Taste of the Rockies

Thank you, Rocky Mountains, for so much inspiration!

The glorious Rocky Mountains hold a special place in our hearts. So special, in fact, that we designed a handful of teas specifically for our region, and this category captures some of the teas. 

Rocky Mountain Huckleberry Black Tea

This Sri Lankan black tea captures the spirit of the Rockies with raspberry, rosehip pieces, cornflowers, and natural huckleberry flavor. The blend has a delightfully sweet, tart berry flavor. This also is one of our favorite choices for making iced tea, which we think also is quite enjoyable in the depths of winter.

FoCo Cocoa Black Tea

A warm, comfy brew for around the campfire (or just savoring a winter night in Colorado), this tea combines chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon in one delicious cup. Give it a try and see why local Foco folks love FoCo Cocoa!

Organic Boulder Boost

Welcome to Colorado, filled a keen abundance of adventurous and active people of all sorts. We formulated this sumptuous spicy combination to fuel the hikers, bikers, rock climbers and river riders—among others—that call Colorado home. This tea contains rooibos and its wealth of electrolytes, the balancing effects of tulsi and spices, and the energizing properties of black tea and guayusa. So grab a cup and get boosted!

Organic Mile High Chai

This chai blend brews bright and crisp, spicy and sweet, just like sunshine from the Centennial State! Delicious by itself hot or iced. Or, add a touch of milk and honey to warm up your morning.

Build Your Own Ku Cha Tea Box: Holiday Teas

These holiday teas will help your gift recipient fully embrace the holiday season.

This category is much more expansive than the others, with eight teas from which to choose. We designed all of them to evoke the holiday season and its parade of novel and once-a-year flavors and vibes.

Holiday Apple Frost Green Tea

Green tea blended with apples and spice and everything nice. Drinking this tea is like snuggling up next to the glow of a roaring fire. It is mellow and sweet but with delicate flavors reminiscent of the fullness of mulled apple cider!

Chocolate Ginger Pear Green Tea

A mellow blend of green tea, pears, and chocolate. Creamy, sweet, and lightly floral, this tea is a perfect blend to brighten your afternoon. Share a cup with your sweetheart!

Hot Cinnamon Black Tea

A nice black tea with a strong sweet cinnamon flavor, this tea is a blend of black tea, 3 types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It has a smooth and bright flavor with strong tastes of cinnamon candy. Can be consumed by itself or with milk–either way, it will surely warm you!

Chocolate Mint Black Tea

This blend of black tea and peppermint with a hint of chocolate flavor is the perfect dessert tea. Like the perfect post-meal combination of peppermint tea and a fudgy chocolate cookie, it is sweet and smooth with a cooling and minty finish.

Organic Winter Chai

With warming cayenne pepper, this is our spiciest chai! Watching snow falling quietly outside the window, we think of a warm hearth, good company, and holiday cheer. Winter chai uses warming spices, a hint of chocolate, and a touch of cayenne to ward off winter chills.

Winter Wonderland (seasonal fruit tea)

Brew this tea for a cup of everything wintery! Toasted walnuts add a warm sweetness for cozying up by the fire, while rosemary and apple give a crisp brightness, like evergreens and fresh snow. Golden sugar stars dissolve into a swirling blizzard of sparkles that will have you walking in a winter wonderland.

Toasted Almond Fruit Tea

The flavor of this fruit infusion is sweet roasted almonds. Low in acidity with a lovely pink color, it is a taste experience for all your senses. A tea reminiscent of spring and summer fun fairs, the October fest and Christmas markets.

Vanilla Rooibos

A nice blend of rooibos, almond silvers calendula flower petals, and genuine Madagascar vanilla. This smooth and rich infusion is a wonderful dessert tea. And since it is naturally caffeine-free, it is a perfect after dinner treat!

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