Fill The Kickoff to the Holiday Season With Tea!

Fill The Kickoff to the Holiday Season With Tea!

Happy Thanksgiving! The annual celebration of generosity and gratitude floods our hearts with joy every year. We love the emphasis on family, friends, community and gathering. The food makes us swoon, and so do the leftovers. The atmospherics are winning, too: the ground blanketed from leaves freshly stripped from trees; geese flying in formation overhead; homes decorated with winter squash and corn stalks; hot fireplaces perfuming neighborhoods with sentimental memories. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, can be a bit much. So many lines of people wrapped around big-box stores offering sales on waffle irons and sweatshirts, on bikes and TVS and plastic dolls. But as retailers, we understand the urgency of holiday sales. Our approach is to honor our community with special deals across the weekend following Thanksgiving, and that includes both Black Friday and our favorite—Small Business Saturday, when civic attention turns to Main Street, rather than Wall Street.

Discounts on tap for Ku Cha weekend shopping

Beginning on Friday, Ku Cha offers discounts both in-store and online for mix-and-match bulk orders: 10% off for 1 pound, 15% for 2 pounds and 20% for three pounds.

For rooted, local businesses like Ku Cha House of Tea, the weekend of holiday shopping is trio of days to shine. We look forward to welcoming guests both new and familiar, to guide them through our Front Range stores and inspire with gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues. 

And we are eager to serve you across the 2022 entire holiday season!

We offer a huge range of gifts, from invididual teas themselves to tea pots and cups (ceramics and porcelain, Japanese tea ceremony, traditional Chinese tea ware, cast iron tea ware, glassware, tea mugs and yerba mate gourds) and tea accessories

One standout: our line of gift boxes. Whether you are trying to please people who already are passionate about tea, or tea newbies, our boxes are sure to compel grins, along with oohs and aahs with each sip.

Tea Gift Boxes: Holiday Gift Box

The Holiday Tea Gift Bix is sure to please!

Black tea? It’s in there. Green tea? Yes. Rooibos? Chai? Mate? Indeed—our Holiday Gift Box offers a broad cross-section of teas, all of them blends that include holiday twists. We think each of these teas is positively perfect for the holidays and across the entire cold months—perfect complements to everything from Nordic skiing to savoring morning snow while sitting in the kitchen to curling up before a roaring fire in the hearth. The box offers the teas in charming keepsake tins.

Teas include:

Holiday Apple Frost Green Tea, a holiday-forward blend of Japanese sencha green tea, orange peel, apple, almonds, spice and rose.

Hot Cinnamon Black Tea, an exploration of cinnamon—the tea leans on three varieties of the spice—along with orange peel, cloves and natural flavors.

Vanilla Rooibos, a luscious combination of rooibos, calendula, almond slivers and vanilla.

Organic Winter Chai, a favorite chai that we sip year-round, with Assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, cardamom, red pepper, bay leaf, cayenne pepper and cacao

Chocolate Mate, a tasty and powerful blast of chocolate that also includes yerba mate, roasted mate, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, peppercorns, cumin, yogurt and coconut.

Winter Wonderland Fruit Tea, which incorporates pineapple, rosemary, apple, rosehips, walnuts, anise, cinnamon, pink pepper, lilac dragon fruit and golden sugar stars into a spot-on capturing of the holiday spirit!

Tea Gift Boxes: Taste of the Rockies Gift Box

Sink Into a Rockies Vibe With This Spectacular Gift Box

We didn’t grow up in the Rocky Mountains. But we moved here more than 20 years ago, and quickly fell under the spell of the beautiful mountains that dominate our western horizon. We get out into the Rockies as often as possible, and developed a gift box that we think serves as a special tribute to one of our favorite patches of the planet! In addition to the tea, this box comes with a 5.5 oz jar of local Colorado honey from Fort Collins’s Copoco’s Honey company, and one 2″ stainless steel tea infuser ball.

Teas include:

Organic Afternoon in the Aspens, a perfect tea for all-day sipping, with lemongrass, lemon verbena, rosemary and licorice root.

FoCo Cocoa Black Tea, deep, rich and caffeine-forward, with black tea, yerba mate, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper.

Organic Rocky Mountain Breakfast Black Tea, straight-up black tea excellence with Assam black tea from India and Keemun black tea from China.

Organic Mile High Chai, a chai as monumental as the Rockies, with organic vanilla black tea, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic black peppercorn, organic fennel seeds, organic licorice and organic allspice.

Rocky Mountain Huckleberry Black Tea, a fruity and floral tea, with black tea, rosehips, freeze-dried raspberries, raspberry leaf and natural huckleberry flavor.

Tea Gift Boxes: Taste of WuYi Gift Box

Sample some of the finest teas in the world, with our Taste of WuYi Gift Box

Prized Chinese teas called “rock oolongs” grow in the WuYi Mountains in Southeast China’s Fujian Province. They get their name because of their terroir – the mountainous soil indeed is rocky, and it influences the teas’ flavors. Among other things, the parsimonious soil leads to fewer leaves. As a result, tea flavors are more concentrated. 

In this glorious introduction to a range of first-rate rock oolongs, we offer 6 rock oolongs, along with description cards for each and a stainless steel folding infuser. The teas include:

  • Bai Ji Guan (White Crest), famous for its whitish fresh leaves, reminiscent of a rooster’s crest, and the lingering sweet aftertaste.
  • Chi Dan (Marvelous Rouge), one of the earliest Rock Oolongs from the WuYi Mountains. Its dry leaves have a purple reddish hue, hence the name. It is cherished for its floral fragrance and fruity notes.
  • Chi Lan (Marvelous Orchid), a new addition—1990s—to the Rock Oolong family. This is a lightly roasted rock oolong with misty fragrance reminiscent of wild orchid, and produces a rich, sweet and balanced brew.
  • Golden Peony, the most floral rock oolong that Ku Cha carries. Golden Peony brews a balanced flavor, rich, roasted, with very distinct fragrant occupying all of your senses and light but lingering citrus notes at the back of your throat. A special Yan Cha (rock oolong) experience!
  • Huang Dan (Yellow Sunrise), rock oolong famous for its early harvest in spring. Its dry leaves are slender with golden hues, and it has an elegant, refreshing fragrance reminiscent of osmanthus flowers.
  • Que She (Bird Tongue), is named for its more slender leaves. A new addition to Ku Cha’s rock oolong collections, Que She is soft, fragrant anad misty; however it is also warm and comforting, reminiscent of snow in April.

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