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Tea was first introduced to Japan during the beginning of 9th century, when Japanese priests and envoys sent to China to learn about its culture brought tea to Japan. Since then, tea remained a drink of royal and upper classes. It was not unitl a few hundred years later, by the end of 16th century, had tea became available to the masses.

When tea was first cultivated in Japan, the green tea leaves were steamed, which is still the most used method today to process green tea (Sencha) in Japan. It was later, by 13th century, when the roasting method was introduced to Japan. Steaming keeps the leaves greener and makes the brew a bit more grassier.

Japanese tea ceremony was developed since 16th century. It played an important role in Japan's spiritual society.

Starting the turn of 20th century, maching manufacturing of green tea was introduced and started replacing the handmade teas. Now, almost all parts of the Japanese green tea processing are done by machines.