About Ku Cha House of Tea
Whole leaf, Whole Life
Face of Fine Tea

The year Ku Cha House of Tea opened its doors, President George W. Bush began his second term, Hurricane Katrina crippled New Orleans and YouTube got its start.

Now, 15+ years later, much is different, including Ku Cha House of Tea. Our Boulder location changed - four times. We opened a shop in downtown Fort Collins. And in 2019, we brought Ku Cha to Cherry Creek North in Denver.

We Champion Bitter, Because Without It There's No Sweet

Like most journeys, opening and running a retail shop introduced a parade of pleasures, pains, challenges, triumphs and defeats. The experience tracks our life's philosophy, which our very name honors. In Chinese, "ku" means bitter and "cha" means tea. Why did we include the word "bitter" in our store name? Do we sell bitter tea?

We believe that only after enduring through bitter - business complications, personal struggles, and so on - does sweet achieve its full glory. Without bitter, we think sweet offers just a shadow of its power. In most cases, the sweet never even emerges.

In other words, sweet takes work. We appreciate this. Like you, we work awfully hard. And when all of that toil produces something heart-stirring and pleasing, we do not forget to embrace it, to treasure it. Doing so honors all of those difficult investments of time, money and mental energy that nurtured the flowering of the sweet.

Fifteen Years of Hard Work, With Sprinklings of Bitter + Sweet

Today we find healthy dollops of sweet when we consider the journey behind us. Fifteen years of moves, of forging strong partnerships with tea farmers around the world, of understanding what consumers desire in tea and of educating guests about tea's myriad mysteries and joys.

When we contemplate the journey ahead - well, we know it involves plenty of bitter! That's life, and that's also owning and managing retail shops. But we hope that in another 15 years, when we celebrate 30 years of business, we once again look back and smile at the sweet stuff.

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