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Ku Cha Introduces BYOB — Build Your Own Tea Box

Like you, we try across the year to appreciate those who make a difference in our lives. Family and friends. The co-worker who brightens our afternoons with laughs over a cup of tea. The warm-hearted people with whom we do business. The friendly women and men who drive the delivery trucks we depend upon for tea, tea and more tea!

But sometimes life grows chaotic. We can forget to broadcast all of our gratitudes.

Build Your Own Tea Box at Ku Cha
We are thrilled to announce Build Your Own Tea Boxes (BYOTB) for gift-givers.

Season of Appreciation Reminds Us to Give Thanks

That’s one reason we love the season of appreciation. It begins with Thanksgiving, which of course revolves entirely around gratitude — around thank yous. And then, for the next month, we pick gifts for those who are important to us. By the time we ring in the New Year, we have honored our far-flung village of people who help ease our burdens, who decorate our lives with smiles and helping hands.

Another reason for Ku Cha’s embrace of the holidays? We surround ourselves every day with products that make superb gifts. Premium whole-leaf teas from around the world. Artisan tea pots and cups. Practical travel mugs. 

Immersing ourselves in such beauty and excellence charges our hours with gratitude. It thrills us to think about customers brewing their new bag of Bi Luo Chun green tea and sinking into its mysteries and pleasures with each sip. We also love considering the surprises people experience upon receiving Ku Cha teas as gifts.

New Build Your Own Tea Box Lets Giftees Craft Bespoke Tea Selections

During our more than 15 years in business, we have devoted ourselves to helping customers find teas, either for themselves or as gifts. It is labor we treasure. And so we are excited to announce a new platform for tea gift-giving, Build Your Own Tea Box. It lets the people in your village of friends pick their own selections of teas and have them delivered to their doors. All you have to do is sign-up for the program, and choose gift recipients. We then handle the rest — arranging the teas your friends select in gift boxes, including gift messages in the package (if desired), and shipping them to their homes.

For $34.95, which includes domestic shipping, gift recipients can choose six tea samples from the list below. They also can choose among several tea accessories. We organize the teas thematically, which helps your pals decide what best suits their tastes, needs and moods.

Our Build Your Own Tea Box is new to Ku Cha, and a perfect option for gift-givers.

Build Your Own Tea Box Selections

Relaxation & Immunity: Teas designed to enhance immunity, help with relaxation and promote a good nights sleep.

  • Organic Night Time Blend
  • Organic ImmuniTea
  • Organic Cloud Chaser
  • Organic CHA – Relax

Flower Power: teas blended with flowers for flavor, perfume and health benefits.

  • Lemon Blossom Oolong
  • Lady Earl Grey Black Tea
  • Organic Green Tea Chrysanthemum
  • China Rose Black Tea

World Travelers: Teas to embrace the world and take us (virtually!) to places we want to visit or have visited.

  • Spring in Paris Black Tea
  • Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea
  • Shanghai Dreams Fruit Tea
  • Organic Bombay Chai

Taste of the Rockies: Tea blends created by Ku Cha inspired by the great Rocky Mountains.

  • Rocky Mountain Huckleberry Black Tea
  • FoCo Cocoa Black Tea
  • Organic Boulder Boost (Yerba Mate Blend)
  • Organic Mile High Chai

Holiday Teas: Teas to warm your heart and soul and bring you holiday cheers.

  • Holiday Apple Frost Green Tea
  • Choco Pear Green Tea
  • Hot Cinnamon Black Tea
  • Chocolate Mint Black Tea
  • Organic Winter Chai
  • Winter Wonderland (Seasonal Fruit Tea)
  • Toasted Almond Fruit Tea
  • Vanilla Rooibos

Tea Accessories: Gift recipients enjoy the option of adding as many of these accessories as they would like to their order. Each accessory will count towards one of the six items the giftees choose.

  • Tea mints (Mango, Moroccan Mint, Original)
  • Medium Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Egg
  • Pack of DIY Japanese Tea Bags (50 bags)

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