Ceramics & Porcelain

Using ceramic teaware is common throughout the West. There are many possibilities when working with ceramics, so the results can vary widely in shape, color and texture.

Aequorea Set
Bamboo Gaiwan
Blue Cat
Blue Sakura
Bo Gu
Casa filter
Casaware Infuser Mug
Chiyogami 200g
Floating Duck
Floral Tea Set
For life Infuser
Green Tea Mints
He Zheng
Hippo Infuser
Lumi Chiyogami
Matcha Spoon
Ming An
Pink Particle
Plum Gaiwan
PO2Go Bottle
Red Pure Set
Red Sakura
Red Sun Trivet
Rock Sugar
Shell Grey
T-Bag String
Tea Egg
Tea Filter
Tea For One
Tea Maker
Tea Tong
White Gaiwan
Zodiac Tea Pet