Purple Seven Jewels
Purple Seven Jewels
Iwachu is a world-famous cast iron manufacturer from Morioka, Japan. At Iwachu, the process of making tetsubin (cast iron teapots) usually consists of more than 60 steps, most of which are still done by hand. Iwachu cast iron teaware is cherished by world tea lovers for its superior quality, artistic beauty, and lasting durability.

Made in Japan by Iwachu Japan.

It's Seven Jewels pattern symbolizes wisdom, spiritual resources and invincible power over obstacles to reach the enlightenment.

5-1/2" diam. x 4-1/8"h. - 0.65L / 22 oz. capacity

Not for use on the stovetop
Before user, fill the pot with boiling water to rinse and warm your pot.

After user:
Allow teapot to cool completely after each use before cleaning.

Do no use soaps or detergents.

Avoid contact with salt or oils.

Do not leave water or tea in pot for extended period of time.

Rinse and clean thoroughly with warm water only.

Wipe the inside and outside dry with a clean cloth while the pot is still warm (not hot!) - Invert the pot to air dry before putting back infuser and lid.

Infuser can be cleaned with or without soapy water.
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