Shower Mom With Health-Advancing Teas for Mother’s Day

Shower Mom With Health-Advancing Teas for Mother’s Day

In just three days, moms across the United States will welcome flowers and feasts, hugs and love-flooded phone calls from family. We are grateful for this annual celebration of moms. In many ways we think that collectively, moms represent the heart of humanity

With the upcoming weekend of mom-centered festivities, now is an excellent time to consider strategies for contributing toward the health and wellness of the women who swaddle us in love. They devote their lives to us. It is our duty to nurture them, to dote on them, to do what we can to infuse their lives with vigor and zip.

Tea figures into many Mother’s Day celebrations, often in the form of traditional English high teas. The gatherings feature finger sandwiches, scones and pots of black tea like Earl Grey served in floral china cups. Dollops of cream and smatterings of sugar or honey often embellish the tea. 

We love it.

But we also seek to infuse mom with health advantages beyond those that occupy traditional black teas. They all boost health, as tea is a true wellness botanical. But some teas offer focused and powerful wellness benefits.

Our advice: Spoil mom with some of our wonderful black teas for the Mother’s Day celebration. But also present her with teas that she can drink year-round to enhance her health. 

We offer a trio of teas in this blog that optimize health for mom. But we also contain an entire section of Ku Cha that revolves around tea gifts for moms. Check it out — we are confident you will discover teas that your mom will adore.

Here’s to the moms of the world! Drink tea, mom, and be healthy!

Wellness Teas for Mom: Bounce Back Herbal Blend

Our custom Bounce Back Blend will put spring into mom’s step.

Our joints are of extreme importance for our health. When knees creak, elbows ache and ankles throb, our enjoyment of life diminishes and our ability to thrive fades.

This custom blend, packed with organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic nettle, organic strawberry leaf and oolong tea, delivers to mom just the botanicals she needs to mend those all-important joints.

This tea helps bolster bones, reduce internal inflammation, smooth out digestion and boost metabolism. The bonus bit? It’s absolutely delicious!

Wellness Teas for Mom: Balance Tea Herbal Blend

We turn to Ayurvedic principles of balance to craft this custom blend.

We craft a large range of bespoke blends at Ku Cha House of Tea. Some of them revolve around flavor. But many others seek to leverage the power of botanicals for the sake of human wellness and vitality. We have blends designed for energy, for example, and for skin health. The Bounce Back Blend described above improves joint health. 

For our Balance Tea Herbal Blend, we turned to Ayurvedic principles of balance to create a caffeine-free tea that reaches for harmony within mind and body. In addition, Balance Tea Herbal Blend also helps stimulate digestion and metabolism. Its constituent parts — cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root, coriander, fennel, ginger root and rose — all collaborate to optimize digestive tract activity while simultaneously nurturing harmonious thoughts and feelings. This naturally sweet tea offers tender flowery notes and a hint of warming spice. We routinely sip it for flavor and health.

Wellness Teas for Mom: Gyokuro Superior Green Tea

The “crown jewel of Japanese green tea”: Gyokuro Superior.

The other teas championed in this blog largely turn to botanicals other than Camellia sinensis to achieve human health benefits. Plants like ginger, strawberry leaf, licorice root and rose, for example, get widely used by naturopathic doctors to address myriad health issues.

But our Gyokuro Superior green tea contains nothing but Camellia sinensis. And thanks to the methods used to grow and craft this tea, its wellness perks rise. The news gets even better on the flavor front: Gyokuro Superior is the crown jewel of Japanese green tea.

Gyokuro, which means Jade Dew in Japanese and is harvested just once a year in spring, is grown in shade for 20 days before being carefully harvested by hand. Tea artisans then immediately steam, dry and roll the leaves into shapes resembling pine needles. The painstaking process yields a delicate flavor and slightly sweet aftertaste that attracts the devotion of green tea connoisseurs. 

Its health properties rise, in part, from its long tenure growing under shade. The process boosts the levels of polyphenols and antioxidants in Gyokuro, which leads to anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

This gyokuro comes from Hoshino, Fukuoka Prefecture, which consistently produces excellent, high-quality tea — tea that is cherished globally for exquisite flavor, aroma and texture, as well as wellness benefits.

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