For Recent High School Graduates: Explore Your New World with Tea

For Recent High School Graduates: Explore Your New World with Tea

Addis devoted himself to his studies across high school, winning several writing contests and publishing a short story. The hard work yielded a scholarship to a leading creative writing program. Physics and chemistry captivated Hathai before she even entered 9th grade. After four years of intense science scholarship, she is ready to head to a university lab and pursue her passion for astrophysics.

To all of our graduating high school seniors like Addis and Hathai, who work so hard, we salute you. Whether post-high school pursuits involve college, trade school, entrepreneurship or taking a job, life is poised for immense change. The reliability and predictability of primary school — one grade after another — is over. Now comes a wilderness of mysteries, everything from living in a new place to focusing on fresh intellectual challenges and figuring out evolving social dynamics.

The road ahead, regardless of where it begins and how it starts, remains unknown. But one thing is for sure: forging the path will require a lot of experimentation. Everything from meeting new people — and understanding which unions tend to click into friendships — to trying different classes and jobs, exploring global cuisines and learning about the trails criss-crossing a just-moved-to city demands a wealth of trial and error.

From High School to the World of Tea

A common scene across Morocco and other North African countries: green tea blended with mint.

The pivot serves as an ideal time to begin investigating teas. After all, tea is the most consumed beverage on Earth, after water, and people from Siberia to Patagonia savor a diversity of teas. They incorporate it into their lives because they love it — and so will those recent graduates.

 In many cases, people from different cultures generally stick with a small range of teas. People in North Africa, for example, drink an enormous amount of blends combining green tea and mint. In South Africa, rooibos rules; Paraguayans sip oceans of yerba mate; and citizens of the United Kingdom go crazy for black tea, often spiked with sugar and softened with cream.

Deep cultural connectedness to specific kinds of tea and preparations thrills us. But we find the world of tea so fascinating, healthy and delicious that we roam far and wide — perhaps a Chinese oolong in the morning, a Japanese sencha for an afternoon pick-me-up and an herbal infused with sedative chamomile for after dinner.

Ku Cha Teas Cover the Globe

Good to see the cup beside you, budding scholar – we hope it’s tea!

Given our vast inventory of teas from around the world, Camellia sinensis globetrotting is not a challenge for us! And the same goes for you, recent graduates. We invite you all to begin your tea journey. For many people, us included, tea remains a steady partner as we engage with what will become a parade of change, with potential for different careers and cities, marriages, children and much more. 

Cheers to all high school graduates, many of whom in our headquarters city of Boulder, Colorado are saying goodbye to K-12 educations this week. Here’s to novel experiences and adventures!

The following trio of teas represent outstanding introductions to delicious and healthy teas from around the world: South Africa, Morocco and Thailand. We hope the post-graduates who explore these teas remember Ku Cha when they are traveling the world, and savoring teas they sipped back when they were just starting their journey into adulthood!

Graduation Teas: Cape Town Medley

Our Cape Town Medley delivers immense flavor and health benefits, straight from South Africa.

Even 10 years ago, relatively few people outside of South Africa had ever heard of rooibos, never mind brewing the hyper-healthy elixir and sipping away. Today, many more people beyond the country have encountered tea brewed from the fermented leaves of the shrub — but still, it hasn’t entered the zeitgeist with a force commensurate with that of another popular tea alternative, yerba mate. We think it’s time for more and more people to drink rooibos, which offers pleasing earthy flavors and superb health benefits. 

Our Cape Town Medley is built on a foundation of rooibos, and then added pomegranate, pomelo, orange, carrot and safflower to the blend, all of which enhance flavor while adding myriad vitamins, nutrients and other botanical compounds. We carry 14 different rooibos blends at Ku Cha, but all of them contain at least one suite of wellness benefits: electrolytes, which are essential minerals that battle against free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and contribute toward inflammation, one of the human body’s most disruptive conditions. 

An excellent side benefit of electrolytes? They offer immense hydration advantages and satisfy thirst. This is a perfect tea for all-day sipping, one sure to tantalize the budding adult while simultaneously optimizing health.

Graduation Teas: Moroccan Mint

People across the Middle East drink copious amounts of green tea blended with mint leaves and sugar.

Most people associate ambitious tea drinking with countries like China, Japan and England. And indeed, people in all of these countries sip enormous amounts of our favorite beverage every year. 

But the highest tea consumption per capita in the world is in Turkey, and other countries that rank highly for tea consumption, like Morocco, are in the Middle East. And in many of these countries, the consumed tea is a blend; specifically, green tea combined with mint leaves, and normally punched up with plenty of sugar.

Our Moroccan Mint blend skips the sweetener, although mint on its own broadcasts a natural sweetness. This wonderful blend combines our Gunpowder Green Tea—a style of Chinese green tea with strong, smoky flavors that is commonly used for Moroccan tea—with spearmint. 

The gunpowder green packs a flavor wallop, along with robust stimulation. Meanwhile, spearmint balances the gunpowder tea’s power with its own punch of strong flavor. Does the drink need a sweetener? Not at all—it’s glorious on its own. But if you want to conjure a more authentic Moroccan tea experience, a bit of sugar is a fine idea.

We love introducing people to our Moroccan Mint. Even those who don’t love tea tend to savor this blend. And for any post-graduate suddenly navigating a brand new life, this tea will serve as an able co-pilot.

Graduation Teas: Thai Tea Blend

Thai tea represents just one example of excellence in tea innovation.

Tea has spawned myriad different beverages that thrill us. From basic green tea, which people in China began brewing as long ago as 2737 BC, we now enjoy beverages as diverse as spice-rich chai, matcha lattes and American-style iced tea. Count Thai tea as one of our pleasures. Strong, and thick with sweetened condensed milk, Thai tea’s unique flavor is so compelling that it’s commonly used in ice cream, cakes and other desserts.

Our blend forsakes the condensed milk and sweetener of any kind; people are free to add their own, if they like. But it’s packed with classic flavors: vanilla black tea, anise seeds, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom and almond slivers. In addition, we bolster the black tea with Japanese roasted Kukicha Green Tea and South African rooibos.

Again, too all recent high school graduates we say congratulations! We hope your journey through life is fruitful, invigorating and successful—and we also hope you accompany it with tea!

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