Pamper Mom With Teas to Bring Her Joy & Health!

Pamper Mom With Teas to Bring Her Joy & Health!

Are you ready for her big day? Mother’s Day, that is. One of our favorite celebrations arrives in just 23 days, and between now and then we all have plenty of time to plan, prepare and get ready to pamper. 

We all  understand that talented mothers serve as both the backbone and the foundation of healthy societies. They devote themselves to their children, submitting to parades of sacrifices to nurture them into well-adjusted adults. Good moms flood our hearts with warmth, provide us grounding comfort when we most need it and love us unconditionally.

For many of us, our happiness finds roots in our mother’s love. The women and men around the world who grow up into compassionate, thoughtful, responsible adults often can turn to their moms as the source of their mental well-being and the depth of their hearts.

Moms rule.

The holiday, which informally began in the United States in 1905. Today, more than 40 countries across the globe recognize it. In Mexico, Mother’s Day is enormously popular. Among other things, families invite bands to come to their houses and serenade moms — and moms get to pick the song. In Serbia, children get tied up and are set free only if they remembered to hide presents for their mothers under their beds. How’s THAT for a novel Mother’s Day tradition?

Tea belongs in your Mother’s Day celebration

In the United States, moms get cards, flowers, lots of hugs, and celebratory dinners. They also serve as the stars of many afternoon celebrations involving tea. Sometimes,  the gatherings are in the ornate fashion of English high tea, with tiered plates full of finger sandwiches, scones and other treats and pots of tea. Other mom-centered get-togethers are a bit less formal, but still involve warm pots of our favorite beverage.

As we draw closer to Mother’s Day, every week we will offer tea-oriented ideas for celebrating the holiday in ways that will inspire mom smiles and give her the comfort and pleasure she deserves.

Many teas are superb at revving our engines in the morning, and adding a little extra oomph to our afternoons. But tea offers benefits beyond zip and, of course, ambrosial flavor. Among other things, tea can also help improve skin quality, and help ripen inner peace and serenity.

To that end, we offer three teas that in addition to grins, will deliver to mom wellness advantages that she deserves.

Here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day to moms worldwide next month!

Gift Teas for Mom: Organic Beauty  Tea

Organic Beauty Tea nurtures skin.

Skin health matters. Taking care of the body’s largest organ becomes increasingly important as we age, and as our skin slowly loses its clarity and suppleness. Many of us lather our skin in lotions and oils, a practice that is especially common in arid Colorado, where more than 300 days of sun with relatively scant moisture fosters conditions that challenge skin. 

But we all can do more to sustain and enrich our precious skin. Consider introducing mom to our Beauty Tea, an organic blend of tulsi, nettles, rose hips, dandelion and licorice (with a whisper of stevia) that nurtures and protects skin through the active ingredients in its suite of healthy botanicals.

Tulsi, for example, contains antibacterial compounds that help prevent acne and promote skin smoothness. Vitamin C floods rose hips, and the vitamin serves as a powerful antioxidant protecting cells against disease and damage. And nettles contain powerful astringents that guard against greasy skin and even eczema.

In addition, the tea’s quotient of vitamins A, C, E and B-complex helps to strengthen keratin in hair and nails, fight acne and keep skin nourished and soft.

Gift Teas for Mom: Tie Guan Yin Superior Oolong

Tie Guan Yin Superior oolong stands as one of China’s most famous teas.

This spectacular tea, which translated from Chinese means “Iron Goddess of Mercy,” counts as one of China’s most famous, due to its sweet and floral fragrance, bright taste and smooth finish. From Fujian Province, the source of many of China’s finest teas, Tie Guan Yin will bring pleasure to mom as she savors its complexities and sweet joys. 

Tie Guan Yin Superior is a premium oolong, and perfect as part of any Mother’s Day celebration. Mom deserves the best, and this tea fits the bill! It’s also an ideal candidate for multiple infusions, as the flavors evolve and open up in different ways with each steep.

Gift Teas for Mom: Organic Rose Puerh

Organic Rose Puerh tea soothes both spirit and skin.

This atmospheric and arresting tea revolves around the ripe puerh that anchors it. But the organic rose colors the brew with intoxicatingly charming floral aromas, and laces the tea with enchanting flavors.

In addition to its winning flavor and aroma, which soothe the soul, this tea also contributes toward skin vitality. The rose adds loads of vitamins and nutrients that enhance immunity, tone organs and fight cell damages caused by free radicals. And the puerh, which is one of the only kinds of tea in the world that is fermented, also improves digestion, boosts heart health and helps cleanse the body of toxins and damaging free radicals. 

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