From Earth Day to Mother’s Day, We Celebrate Natural Beauty

Mothers are beautiful

We champion the back-to-back celebrations of Earth Day and Mother’s Day. As tea merchants, ours is a world of leaves and petals, of herbs and spices and fruit. The stuff of Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet nurtures the plants of the world, the green life that sustains and enriches us all.

Meanwhile, families often honor their moms on Mother’s Day with brunches and pots of delicious tea. Just as the planet sustains and enriches us all, so do moms. 

One thing both earth and mothers share is beauty. The very essence of our planet and of mothers is steeped in what can only be described as beautiful. Both are so deeply rooted in life, and what is more beautiful than the vibrant, rare life that surrounds and supports us all?

Some of our teas honor beauty in different ways. As we pass through Earth Week and inch closer to Mother’s Day — May 10 — consider these beautiful teas.

Like mothers, blooming cherry trees are beautiful
Mother Nature and mothers — both embody beauty.

Organic Beauty Tea

Beauty is not just one thing, like physical appearance or musical harmony. It covers a lot of ground. This organic tea, with plants like tulsi (also called Holy Basil), nettle, rose hip, dandelion, orange peel and licorice root, helps enhance natural beauty.

The plants in our Organic Beauty Tea are rich in vitamins A, C, E and B-complex. The combination strengthens the keratin in hair and nails, giving them more power. It also nourishes skin in such a way that it grows more elastic and less prone to issues like acne. The best part, though? It tastes beautiful.

Balance, like that which is required to walk on a log, is key to health.
Balance is a key part of maintaining inner and outer beauty.

Balance Tea

Inner beauty is just as important as the stuff of nails and skin. And stress, something we all understand with a bit too much emphasis these days, interferes with inner beauty. Inner beauty, too, affects outer grace and charm — when our spirit is out of balance, so is our appearance.

The combination of herbs, spices and flowers in our Balance Tea helps soothe the inner spirit, shepherding sippers towards more peaceful states. It also boosts what in Ayurvedic tradition is called “dosha pitta,” the type of pitta that governs digestion and metabolism. Ayurvedic principles hold that each person possesses three pittas: vata (related to air and ether), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (earth and water). 

Between its peace-promoting qualities and its abilities to buttress digestion and metabolism, our Balance Tea address both inward and outward beauty.Ingredients include cinnamon, cardamom, licorice, coriander, fennel, ginger and rose.

A rose is a beautiful thing.
Roses and pu-erh bring health and vitality to mothers.

Organic Rose Pu-erh

Physical health is a gorgeous thing. When the extraordinarily complex web of organs, cells, fluids and so much more is singing together, we experience immense joy. What we feel is beauty — the beautiful music of our healthy bodies. This Organic Rose Pu-erh tea relies upon just two ingredients, ripe pu-erh and rose petal, to expand health. Pu-erh is the most unusual style of traditional teas. It is fermented, and aged like wine, before tea lovers pour hot water over its leaves and brew a pot. The fermentation process helps imbue the tea with a variety of health-happy properties, including antioxidants that help fight free radicals, which damage cells. The rose petals add vitamins and more antioxidants. And of course, those beautiful petals also conjure wonderful aromas from a warm cup of this tea.

Mothers are all about heart
Mothers are the essence of heart.

Organic Sweet Heart Blend

Scientists don’t all agree on how many organs the human body contains, in part because they do not hold uniform beliefs in what constitutes an organ. Either way, many believe it is somewhere around 78, and of course males and females do not share identical organs. 

We all know common ones, like the kidneys and liver. And then there is the Olfactory Epithelium, a tissue in the nasal cavity associated with smell.

One of the most vital organs is the heart, of course. The brain and the heart sit side by side on thrones in the center of the human kingdom.

Tending to our hearts is important work. A healthy heart is a thing of beauty, a source of human health in many forms, including physical and spiritual.

Our Organic Sweet Heart Blend combines plants like rosebuds, hibiscus, peppermint and licorice to aid digestion and promote a strong heart. Its intoxicating aroma, dazzling ruby color and sweet flavor also please the heart tremendously. This is a tea that is equally refreshing hot, or served as iced tea.

Keeping joints healthy to help boost running
Exercise is key for a healthy, beautiful body.

Bounce Back Tea

Exercise is paramount for health and physical beauty. Bodies that spend too much time sitting in front of screens and consuming calories without the benefit of invigorating movement turn flabby and pale, weak and sickly. 

To exercise, though, we depend upon sturdy joints — knees and ankles that flex with ease, wrists that move fluidly, elbows that never complain from the weight of a bag of groceries or a dumbbell.

Bounce Back Tea is designed to support joint health. The combination of oolong tea, ginger, cinnamon, nettle and strawberry leaf offers compounds that help our always busy joints bend, twist and turn from the moment we reach over to turn off the alarm clock in the morning to turning the pages of the book we are reading in bed before clicking off the light. The ingredients bolster bones, and reduce inflammation — and inflammation is a primary culprit for joint damage. They also aid with digestion and boost metabolism.

As we get closer to Mother’s Day, we believe that all of these teas honor the beauty of mothers

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