Dial In Immunity Across 2024 With These Healthy Teas

Dial In Immunity Across 2024 With These Healthy Teas

Ever since days before Thanksgiving, when people began making pies and sides for the feast, diets have been stuck on skewed. There was the meal itself (and its Thursday afternoon Bloody Marys), followed the next day by sandwiches stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. Then came the holiday season, with its parade of espresso martinis and bacon-wrapped party shrimp, its plates of cookies and chocolates, its ham, beef, oysters, bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir and so much more.

You’re stuffed. And New Year’s Eve is on the way.


The more than a month of out-of-the-ordinary merriment and indulgence tests our health. Many people get a case of the sniffles, or endure cough-inducing chest infections, or just feel run down in general by the time New Year arrives. 

Heal thyself—with tea.

Be prepared, reader! How? With tea, of course. Some tea blends contain botanicals that bolster all-important immunity, a physical quality of keen importance during and after the season of cheer. Whenever we fret about our immunity health, we turn to the following teas to give our bodies strength. We sip them in the morning, and across afternoons. As a post-dinner treat? Absolutely.

Sip yourself to health now, during the lead up to New Year’s Eve, and whenever you fear vitality is under threat during 2024.

Happy New Year!

Immunity Teas: Organic Tulsi Twist

Tulsi, called “Queen of Herbs,” serves as a powerful immune booster.

Most of the botanicals in this splendid tea help boost health and improve immunity, from the ginger root to the marshmallow. Another immunity advancing plant? Tulsi, or holy basil. This plant is native to India, and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. It figures largely into Ayurvedic protocols, used to address immunity, blood sugar and more. Among other things, the plant, known as “Queen of Herbs,” is rich in Vitamin C and zinc, and packed with antioxidants.

Good news, health lovers: It tastes delicious, too. In addition to tulsi, ginger root and marshmallow, this tea contains lemon peel, strawberry leaf and lavender.

Immunity Teas: Organic Cha Relax

Achieve serenity—and health—with CHA Relax.

We developed this popular blend to honor our relationship with the University of Colorado’s Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA, which means tea in Chinese). The Center serves as a hive of academic activity, connecting faculty, students and the Boulder community. We treasure it. This tea helps busy brains calm down after long days of intense stimulation. But it offers more than serenity. The ginkgo leaf in the tea, widely used around the world to improve brain activity, enhances circulation and thus promote overall health. That includes the vitality of immune systems. In addition, this caffeine-free treasure rests on a foundation of green rooibos, the South African shrub widely consumed as tea across the country. Rooibos offers an especially rich bounty of electrolytes, which are potent antioxidants. Electrolytes fight free radicals, which cause body inflammation. Including electrolyte-heavy foods and beverages into a diet works wonders for health.

This tea also contains elderflower, chamomile and spearmint.

Immunity Teas: Ginger Refresh

Ginger Refresh improves digestion while also enhancing immunity.

We adore ginger, a rhizome that figures largely in cuisines across Asia. The  plant’s flavor accounts for most of our adoration, a taste that elevates everything from sushi to stir fries to curries. But ginger’s benefits include health, too. Many people turn to ginger root to address turbulent digestive tracts, for example. And people suffering from colds, too, often add ginger to their diet to help fight the nasty stuff. To us, ginger is a must across the fall and winter, from the Thanksgiving kickoff to the holiday season through the February doldrums. In addition to ginger, this tea’s flavor gets improved with lemongrass, peppermint, licorice and lemon peel.

Immunity Teas: Rose Puerh

The famous fermented style of tea puerh gets combined with rose for flavor and health.

People around the world are beginning to discover puerh, the style of tea crafted in China that is fermented before being sold in markets. In China, puerh consumption is centuries old, and an important part of the health regime of many people across the vast nation. Puerh brings complex flavors to the tea party, adding notes of forest floor, mushroom and soil (all of this in a good way!). And tea aficionados around the planet seek it out and even age it for years to bring about interesting flavors. 

While we too sip puerh for its fantastic range of tastes, we also engage with it for health. And so do loads of people in China. The fermentation process yields an especially health-forward tea, one that among other things helps to optimize the body’s natural immune system. To further boost both flavor and health, we also add organic rose to this gorgeous elixir.

Immunity Teas: Organic ImmuniTea

Nail immunity—with Ku Cha House of Tea’s custom blend ImmuniTea.

Immunity is so important to us that we named an entire custom blend around it. Our ImmuniTea tastes wonderful, thanks in part to the organic peach rooibos that girds it. But every ingredient, including that electrolyte-heavy ginkgo, addresses immunity. The marshmallow, for example, reduces inflammation and soothes muscle pain. The Echinacea battles—and beats—free radicals in the body that contribute so much toward inflammation. And the ginkgo leaf, which is known as the “youthful herb,” promotes blood circulation, heart health and immunity.

Sip these teas in the days before New Year’s Eve, and keep on brewing them across 2024 anytime you grow concerned about your body’s vibrancy and strength. 

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