Ku Cha House of Tea Addresses COVID-19

Dear treasured guests,

Like you, we have been paying close attention to the spread of COVID-19 since news about the outbreak began, in January. With each passing week, the news has grown more alarming. This week has been especially worrisome.

Your safety is our priority

To that end, we have implemented a series of measures to ensure that time spent in our shops in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins is not only pleasurable, but safe.

  • In an effort to reduce people clustering, we are canceling all non-essential store activities such as public tea classes and Saturday afternoon tea tastings until the pandemic is over. In addition, we will not rent our tearoom for events during this period.
  • Employees are exercising extreme sanitation procedures to keep our stores clean from COVID-19. In addition to washing their hands meticulously and constantly, they are cleaning surfaces throughout the shops all day long, including door handles and bathrooms. We have drafted written cleaning schedules for all of the shops. If employees feel the slightest hint of illness, they must stay home.
  • We remain open every day of the week, but have cut back our hours of operation to between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.
  • For customers living in Denver, Boulder County, and Larimer County, we will offer free shipping for your online orders until the end of April. Thank you for your continued support! “

Enhance your immunity

Finally, we urge you to consider doing whatever you can to boost your immunity, including exercise, eating a healthy diet and enjoying solid nights of sleep. 

We carry teas known for strengthening immunity, easing anxiety and helping achieve restful sleeps. 

  • Immortal Tea contains peppermint, ginseng and jiaogulan, which is a wild plant found in southern China that, like ginseng, boost immunity.
  • Organic ImmuniTea contains rooibos, marshmallow root, echinacea, gingko leaf and chamomile. All of these herbs help in different ways with building immunity.
  • Sunrise Chai contains things like organic ginger and organic cinnamon, which stimulate the immune system. It also contains organic turmeric, a root increasingly praised for its ability to enhance immunity.
  • CHA Relax and Night Time blend both come packed with herbs like chamomile, valerian root, catnip, and elderflower that aid with sleep.

Please take care of yourselves! We all will get through these difficult times, and emerge even stronger. 

In Chinese, Ku Cha means “bitter tea,” and indeed, most traditional teas from Asia are in fact bitter upon the first sip. But those flavors quickly blossom into something sweet. We called our shop Ku Cha House of Tea because we believe that only after engaging with “bitter” — and COVID-19 surely counts as bitter — do we fully appreciate sweet. 

We know we all will feel immense sweetness once we get through these troubling times.

Warm regards,

Rong and Qin

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