Buttress Those Resolutions With Health-Boosting Tea

Buttress Those Resolutions With Health-Boosting Tea

One more party, and then we return to lives that experienced serial interruption since Thanksgiving week. Tomorrow, for that last hurrah, we clink glasses at midnight and welcome the arrival of 2022. And on Saturday, the New Year begins, flooded with promise and swaddled in New Year’s resolutions.

Less booze. Healthier diets. More physical exercise. Finally learning to play the violin.

We think embracing tea is an excellent idea for a New Year’s resolution. But even if it doesn’t rise to resolution status for everybody, tea has a place during other resolution pursuits — especially those revolving around health. 

All tea offers health advantages to sippers, with the exception of those ready-to-drink teas in cans and bottles that contain sweeteners, artificial flavors and other dreck. One category of tea — herbal — is especially versatile for wellness pursuits. Some herbs and other plants promote sleep. Others are good for mental alertness. Still more aid digestion, heart health, circulation and much more.

With the season of resolutions upon us, we think the Ku Cha House of Tea Staff Blend Gift Box is especially desirable. The six teas in the gift box capture a broad blend of flavors and health benefits.

Happy New Year, friends! We hope it brings you all health, happiness and lots of fantastic tea.

New Year’s Tea: Blueberry Lavender Bliss

The past month has been full of revelry, feasts, decorating, cookie baking, present wrapping — and plenty of stress. Ratcheting down tension stands as an important resolution for many people, including us. Our Blueberry Lavender Bliss tea is rooted in black tea, invites fruity flavor from blueberries, and is punctuated by cocoa nibs. But then it includes a trio of botanicals that help mitigate stress: lavender, calendula and cornflower. It ups its health-boosting properties, too, with ginger, which improves digestion.

Ready to sink into calm? This is a great place to start.

New Year’s Tea: Zen Time

Meditation is the surest route toward sinking into the calm and clarity associated with Zen, and we send kudos to those who add it to their resolutions list. While other practices, like sipping tea, will not lead on their own to Zen states, they can at least help nurture calm states. And after the chaotic holiday season, inviting peacefulness appeals to many people.

This straight herbal tea skips Camellia sinensis altogether, turning instead to five plants that can help bring about inner tranquility. 

Of the ingredients, four come from flowers: passionflower, rose, chamomile and rose hips. The last, peppermint, adds bright herbal notes to this mostly floral blend. Together, these ingredients will instill serenity. 

Pro tip: Brew a pot of this tea and savor a cup prior to meditating.

New Year’s Tea: Organic Hydration Tea

One common New Year’s Resolution? Hitting the gym, running, playing more tennis: any number of activities that promote physical health. All of that positive body work gets the heart beating, builds muscle … and leads to thirst. Exercise without proper hydration is never a good idea.

This flavorful tea rests on a foundation of rooibos, a South African shrub packed with hydration-boosting electrolytes. Drinks like Gatorade contain many electrolytes, but other than the hydration bit are probably not healthy. 

Our Organic Hydration Tea, on the other hand, includes herbs that add to the tea’s potent wellness profile. Chamomile is excellent calming nerves. Ginkgo assists mental health, including things like memory. Elderflower builds immunity and licorice roots improves digestion.

Beats Gatorade any day! 

New Year’s Tea: Bounce Back Tea

Exercise is vital for physical health, but it also introduces wear and tear to knees, stomachs, ankles, arms and necks. If the little aches and pains aren’t managed, they can fester, grow more powerful and eventually lead to the cessation of exercise: the knee pain is so bad that running, for example, comes to a halt.

This tea is made for anybody wrestling with the normal dings that come with exercise, as well as just getting through life and its many physical demands: washing dishes, cleaning the garage, chopping wood and so on.

The plants in this blend — ginger, cinnamon, nettle, strawberry leaf and oolong tea — bolster bones, reduce internal inflammation, smooth-out digestion and boost metabolism.

Together, they taste gorgeous, too. We like how the small amount of oolong tea adds a pleasing earthiness to the rest of the ingredients.

New Year’s Tea: Thai Tea

Most of us have tried it, and the verdict seems close to universal: Thai tea is a delicious treat. The tea, wildly popular across Thailand (and now, around the world), blends black tea with sweetened condensed milk and spices. In some ways, it’s a variation on a theme of chai.

For this new blend, we skip the sweet dairy and instead fix on the flavors. Our organic Madagascar Vanilla Black Tea serves as the tea’s robust spine. We turn to vanilla rooibos to up the vanilla quotient. Then we add common baking spices — anise seeds, cinnamon and cardamom. We embellish the flavor profile with some orange peel. And finally we included roasted kuki cha, a Japanese tea that combines roasted stems and branches of tea plants.

We love our new Thai Tea on its own. But a spoon of honey and a dollop of milk would make it sing, too!

New Year’s Tea: Organic Be Happy Tea

Last year revolved around COVID. We thought COVID might skeedaddle this year, thanks to vaccines. But as we all know, it didn’t happen. We still are muddling through a pandemic.

Surely, we will remember 2022 as the year that we waved goodbye to COVID. We know it won’t literally vanish, but it would make us awfully happy if it became just a minor inconvenience.

To that end, let’s help bring on the grins with our Organic Be Happy tea, a straightforward and powerful tea designed for improved moods. This lovely blend begins with rooibos, gets brightened with lemon peel, and then finds its smile-producing advantages in St. John’s Wort, a flower used around the world to help treat depression.

Welcome, 2022! We cannot wait to get to know you, with good health and big smiles.

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