Invite Tea To Help Realize Those New Year’s Resolutions

Invite Tea To Help Realize Those New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! We at Ku Cha House of Tea wish you all a fantastic 2024, a year of abundance and bounty, of friends, family, community and health. 

Many of you will continue the holiday revelry and festivities across New Year’s Eve, ringing in the New Year with sparkling wine, laughter and lots of hope for 2024. And then comes New Year’s Day. People eat good-luck foods like lentils, black-eyed peas, long noodles and pork. And they set goals — New Year’s resolutions — to improve overall health and wealth for the coming year.

On New Year’s Day, we say goodbye to the wayward weeks of the holidays, and get back in gear. The distinct pivot every January from loosey-goosey to new rules and rigor appeals to us quite a bit. Letting down our guard every year serves as a kind of balm. And inviting structure back into our lives grounds us. We find the seasonal give and take healthy.

We are sure that many of you will settle on New Year’s resolutions beginning on January 1. As is often the case, many of them will revolve around exercise, diet and clean living: more running, less bacon, less booze. We are here to help! Tea is a powerful partner in your wellness pursuits, offering everything from energy to detox to appetite management and much more.

Good luck with those resolutions. And once again, Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions Tea for Exercise: Be Happy Rooibos Tea Blend

New Year's Resolution Tea
Let rooibos-rich tea boost your exercise regime (Photo Credit: Luemen Rutkowski)

We often champion rooibos teas for exercise regimes, for good reason: antioxidants and electrolytes flood the South African shrub, aiding with everything from hydration to recovery to energy. When it comes to teas that support physical activity with particular force, few rival rooibos.

Our Be Happy Rooibos blend leads with our popular peach rooibos tea, a true taste sensation. But then we supplement peach rooibos with lemon peel, for citrus tang, and St. John’s Wort, which is a kind of flower found across Europe and North America that naturopathic physicians around the world prescribe to lift moods. We find this tea an especially agreeable exercise partner; it offers delightful flavor, all of the health benefits of rooibos and an extra mental lift that comes in handy during exercise.

New Year’s Resolution Tea for Detox: Ginger Refresh Herbal Blend (Organic)

New Year's Resolution Tea
Ginger + lemon = detox excellence (Photo Credit: Dominik Martin)

Just like us, you overindulged during the holidays. The cookies. The heavy sauces and meats. The wine and boozy punches (we’re looking at you, egg nog), cheese and charcuterie plates, and platters dense with cakes, pie, candies and peppermint bark. We all savored every bite. But on January 1, many of us are happy to bid goodbye to the parade of dietary extravagance and begin resetting the body. Even for those who don’t pay much attention to health, the holidays represent a bit of a shock to the poor body.

Incorporating detox measures into lifestyles is an excellent step toward achieving post-holiday health. The key to any detoxification regime revolves around lifestyle: eat healthy food and exercise more. But certain plants do speed along the detox process. As we sink into 2024, consider adding detox boosters into your wellness pursuits.

Our Ginger Refresh is a natural, caffeine-free pick-me-up, an elixir that we return to again and again across the year — not just in January. In addition to the bright flavor, Ginger Refresh adds detox-promoting ingredients into the mix, including lemongrass, licorice, lemon and peppermint. And then there’s the tea’s namesake — ginger. This potent root, vital for so many Asian cuisines, aids digestion, reduces inflammation and helps with conditions like motion sickness. In addition, it helps cleanse the body, flushing it of toxins that accumulated during the long holiday season. There’s even a detox program during which participants only drink water spiked with ginger and lemon. We aren’t advocating sipping nothing but our lemon- and ginger-spiked tea. But if you seek body cleansing once we are past the holidays, our Ginger Refresh is here to help!

New Year’s Resolution Tea for Appetite Suppression: Matcha Genmaicha Green Tea

New Year's Resolution Tea
Green tea serves as an effective appetite suppressant.

The most famous New Year’s Even resolutions hinge on diet. We resolve to eat and drink less in general, but especially less foods and beverages that negatively impact our health. In January, many of us return to dishes like stir fries, vegetable soups, simple pastas and spicy curries. And we cut back on snacking.

But after six weeks of intense eating and drinking, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, transforming the diet isn’t always so easy. 

One extremely versatile helper? Green tea. Yes, simple green tea is widely acknowledged as an effective and healthy appetite suppressant. Our Matcha Genmaicha green tea performs triple-duty on the diet appetite management front. In addition to Japanese sencha, which is the most popular green tea in Japan, it also includes Japanese matcha tea, the green tea powder famous around the world for vivid and flavor-packed tea, as well as lattes, baked good and more. The tea also includes puffed brown rice and toasted brown rice, which are key to Japan’s genmaicha tea. Among other things, the tea’s rice components provide savory notes, and help contribute toward feelings of appetite satiety.

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