The Official 2024 Ku Cha House of Tea Gift Guide: Fun Tea Gifts

The Official 2024 Ku Cha House of Tea Gift Guide: Fun Tea Gifts

Our first installment in the Official 2024 Ku Cha House of Tea Gift Guide revolved around luxury gifts. This time, we dive deep into gifts for people you want to spoil with pleasure: fun teas. These teas are for the youngsters you want to pamper. For the old pal who loves adventure. For the quirky son-in-law, the excitable colleague, the neighbor who is always good for a laugh. These teas also make wonderful stocking stuffers!

Tea is an everyday affair for us and millions of people around the world. Some teas, like those detailed in our luxury gift guide, are not necessarily designed for daily drinking (depending on the budget!). The teas showcased in this fun gift guide can also stand as treats. While we might savor a mug of Winter Chai every morning in December, our desire for it might wane a little bit once we emerge from snow and sweaters, and enter the land of grass and flip-flops.

Either way, this is one delicious and FUN selection of teas—and perfect for the holiday!

Fun Tea Gifts: Holiday Teas

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Rudolph the Red Nosed Rooibos

With its balance of orange, cloves and cinnamon, this new seasonal blend nails a certain kind of holiday flavor. If you grew up piercing oranges with cloves and placing the clove-studded fruit in strategic locations around the house, the aromas will be quite familiar. But it also incorporates lemon peel, upping the citrus ante. And the earthiness of St. John’s Wort gives the tea an enviable depth. The herb also helps ripen feelings of satisfaction and contentment; it is widely used in Europe to lift spirits. Finally, the South African shrub rooibos anchors this tea, providing its signature wallop of healthy electrolytes and rich flavor. 

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: A Wonderful Christmas Chai

We went all in for the holidays with this extravagant holiday chai. Check out this list of ingredients: black tea, yerba mate, rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, cardamom, peppercorn, orange peel, clove, cumin, red chili flakes, bay leaf, cayenne, cacao, chocolate and coconut. That’s quite a lineup! And it refers to such a broad range of holiday flavors, from the baking spices to the rosemary (which figures into so many holiday savory dishes) to the orange peel and chocolate. To that it includes heat from cayenne and chili flakes. This is one flavor-abundant chai! It also includes major tea categories: Camellia sinensis, yerba mate and rooibos. It’s made for the holidays.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Milk Oolong

This tea is so simple—just high-quality oolong steamed with a healthy non-dairy creamer before tea artisans roast the leaves. It’s also heavenly, and our most popular flavored oolong. Our Milk Oolong offers pleasing sweet notes, with a creamy texture. A mug of this with a plate of holiday cookies for dipping? Paradise!

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Blueberry Lavender Bliss

Bliss indeed! Rooted in black tea and pumped up with blueberry, lavender, ginger, calendula, cornflower and cocoa nibs, this fun tea delivers a diversity of flavor profiles—sweet blueberry; floral lavender, calendula and cornflower; spicy ginger; and rich cocoa. Together, the ingredients collaborate in the manner of a symphony. Sipping it brings about grins and a compulsion to keep on sipping!

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Holiday Apple Frost

Apples and oranges represent the fruity heart of the holiday season. And this delicious tea, based on grassy Japanese sencha, incorporates both of the fruits, as well as almonds, rose and a spice blend. We think this tea conjures the feels that come with snuggling up with a blanket beside a roaring fire—with a mug of mulled apple cider. Is there anything that is not fun about fireside snuggling? We don’t think so.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Winter Chai

Prior to developing our A Wonderful Christmas Chai, this was our spiciest chai. It still might be! Either way, it’s Ku Cha’s OG chai for capturing seasonal flavors in a brew. Malty, rich assam serves as the tea’s foundation. To that we add cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, cardamom, red pepper, bay leaf, cayenne pepper and cacao. Sipping our Winter Chai is an exercise in fun. We’ve been savoring this one for years.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Hot Cinnamon

No spice gets used as heavily during the holidays as cinnamon. From pies to cookies to mulled cider, cakes and cinnamon rolls, the spice brings us straight back to the holidays, regardless of whether it’s December or July. This gorgeous tea runs wild with cinnamon, spotlighting three separate kinds of cinnamon in its formula. To that we add two other key holiday flavors—orange peel and cloves—for a holiday taste sensation.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Toasted Almond

If cinnamon is the ruling spice for the holiday season, then almonds are the nut of choice. Sure, plenty of desserts lean into hazelnuts, walnuts and pecans. But almonds remain the most important. And the nuts feature prominently in this blend, along with other classic holiday flavors—apples and cinnamon. Beetroot adds vivid red color to this rousing tea. 

Fun Tea Gifts: Tea Samples or Sample Packs

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Holiday Tea Box

Looking for a fun tea gift? You’ve just found it: our Holiday Tea Box. A number of years ago we decided to organize a selection of our favorite holiday tea blends into one box. It’s been extremely popular—and not just during the holidays. In this colorful and fun box, with all of the teas in cute tea tins, you’ll find:

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Taste of the Rockies Box

No matter whether the gift recipient is a Coloradan, a non-Coloradan who loves the state or Colorado-clueless, our Taste of the Rockies box is sure to please. The flavors in these bright, bold teas tantalize taste buds no matter people’s experience with the majestic Rocky Mountains. The gift box comes with honey and a tea ball. The blends in this super-popular box include:

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Staff Blend Gift Box

Who knows tea? The crackerjack staff of tea professionals at Ku Cha House of Tea! They spend their working hours sipping different blends, exploring teas with customers and absorbing more and more information about tea and its many flavor and health advantages. Given our staff’s profound depth of knowledge about our teas, we turned to them to come up with a Ku Cha Staff Blend Gift Box. The box has been a bit hit. In this box, you will find:

Fun Tea Gifts: Cute Mugs

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Blue Cat

This is such an arresting tea mug, emblazoned with blue illustrations of cartoon cats and fish. It’s one way of inviting fun into the day—sipping fun tea with a fun mug like Blue Cat.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Blue Dragonflies

Does any insect have more fun than dragonflies? They swoop and soar, dive bomb and hover. It seems like they pack their short lives with fun. This pretty mug captures the dragonflies’ playfulness.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Blue White Bird

With branches, flowers and birds, this playful mug will infuse any morning, afternoon or evening with lighthearted fun.

Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Shell Blue Infuser Mug

This blue, textured mug is downright gorgeous. And it comes with its own stainless steel infuser. All you need is whole-leaf tea and hot water to brew cuppa after cuppa with this mug and infuser combination.

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