Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day—and Every Day—With Ku Cha Tea

Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day—and Every Day—With Ku Cha Tea

We’re days away from mom’s big celebration—Mother’s Day, on Sunday, May 12. Given the worldwide importance of moms around the world, we count this as one of the year’s more special holidays. It thrills us to think about so many mamas receiving loving cards, bouquets of spring flowers, boxes of sweet treasures and more. The incorporation of tea into the holiday, often in the tradition of English high tea, also warms our hearts.

While Mother’s Day is a truly American holiday—people first celebrated it in 1907 in an Episcopal church in Grafton, WV—over the years it has become part of the holiday fabric of other countries. The United Kingdom, Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Nicaragua, Russia and Malawi are just some of the countries that honor mothers with their own day every year.

It’s grand that people around the world select a single day a year to honor mothers. But moms should receive recognition every day! And it doesn’t take much to remind mommas year-round about their magnificence.

Honoring mom 365

Consider the Celebrate Mothers portion of our website. There you’ll find 28 hand-curated teas that we think make superb gifts for the women who deliver so much warmth and compassion to the world. Coming up with gift ideas for mom whenever it strikes—a random Tuesday in August, a February weekend visit—doesn’t require much more effort than reviewing the teas and picking up one or more as a thank you. 

Our selection for moms contains many lovely organic teas. While we take immense care sourcing all of our tea from trusted partners, most of them small farms in Asia, we also respect the USDA organic program’s certification program. When teas endure the rigor that it takes to gain certification, we give them a second look. The selection also offers teas for serenity, teas renowned for their stunning deliciousness, teas for energy, health and much more. 

Happy Mother’s Day, to the moms of the world! May your special day get flooded with love, companionship, sublime food—and plenty of tea!

Teas for Mother’s Day: Women’s Blend (Organic)

The plant compounds in this beautiful tea make it especially pleasing for moms.

Certain botanicals are well-known for providing health boosts for women. Raspberry leaf, for example, can help alleviate menstrual cramps. Vitamin- and mineral-rich nettles manage inflammation and water retention—helpful during menstrual cycles—and also help restore ovaries. The many vitamins, flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, catechins and other phytochemicals in rosehips promote healthy and radiant skin. 

All of these botanicals are in our Women’s Blend, plus other excellent plant compounds for women including calendula flowers, lemon verbena, oat straw and strawberry leaf. 

This caffeine-free blend tastes divine, while also boosting mom’s health and vigor. A classic win-win.

Tea for Mother’s Day: Zen Time (Organic)

Get your ommmm on with Zen Time tea!

If anybody needs a little extra helping of zen throughout the day, it’s moms. The pressure that comes with raising kids, even if moms have partners who equally share the child-rearing duties, is profound. Among other things, being a mom doesn’t come with a step-by-step guide book. 

They’ve got to figure out on their own how to balance compassion and rule-setting. How to serve as role models for kids, without alienating them with too many expectations. How to carve out time for their own interests and passions, which sometimes conflicts with the demands of children. 

It’s a 24/7 juggling act. Throughout parades of busy, demanding days, moms need to take care of themselves. Take walks with friends. Enjoy a good book in a hammock on a warm summer evening. Meditate when it’s quiet in the mornings. Our Zen Time tea also offers serious mom benefits. The passionflower is key—naturopathic practitioners across Europe and the Americas have championed it for years as an outstanding calming herb, one that helps arrest anxiety and insomnia. 

But there’s more to this blend. It also contains rose, rosehips, chamomile (another classic calming herb) and peppermint. Flavorful, healthy, peace-inducing—Zen Time is made for moms.

Tea for Mother’s Day: Lady Earl Grey (Organic)

You can align with Queen Elizabeth II just by sipping this wonderful tea.

One of the most famous mothers in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, enjoyed tea nearly every day of her long, long life. And her cuppa’ of choice was Lady Earl Grey. This beauty contains black tea and the Italian citrus fruit bergamot, which lends Earl Grey its distinct flavor. But Lady Earl Grey goes a few steps further, with lavender and lemon peel. 

This is spectacular tea, electric with soothing flavors and aromas and perfect for receiving dunks of scones or cookies. It’s no mystery why the Queen Mother savored this elixir every day. The tea is utterly captivating, and pure balm for any mom—including one who happens to have served as monarch over the United Kingdom for 70 years.

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