“Moms’ Favorite Tea Box” Delivers Pleasure, Health, Serenity to Exceptional People

“Moms’ Favorite Tea Box” Delivers Pleasure, Health, Serenity to Exceptional People

Only one American holiday features tea prominently: Mother’s Day. It’s on this day—May 12 in 2024—that spouses, children and other loved ones often make reservations at restaurants serving “high tea,” complete with a three-tiered tray of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes. And tea—pots of classic styles of tea like Earl Grey and English Breakfast. 

High tea is a United Kingdom tradition, but long ago it migrated beyond the former empire’s boundaries. It’s not the kind of experience with which most people routinely engage. Instead, high tea shines for special occasions like birthdays, wedding showers, graduations and, of course, the day when many people celebrate the most important woman in their lives.

But the close alignment between mothers and tea shouldn’t remain attached to a single day a year. While high tea may be rarefied, most other tea experiences are meant for morning, afternoon and evening—every day. 

Given tea’s wild diversity of styles, all of which yield unique aromas and flavors, it doesn’t take much effort to sip a wide range of teas even across a single week, never mind a year. 

To thrill mom on her big day, we have curated Mom’s Favorite Tea Box, a collection of six teas that offer a broad selection of flavors and experiences. We find each of these gems beautiful, healthy, lively and engaging—just like mama. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Teas: Peach Oolong

Peach Oolong serves as an outstanding Mother’s Day tea.

This is one of our more intriguing blends—a perfect treat for an enchanting woman. It begins with oolong, the classic style of Chinese tea that undergoes moderate oxidation. The process produces a huge number of teas broadcasting different qualities: malty, smoky, herbal, floral, honeyed, among others. To this exquisite foundation we add flowers—plum blossom, calendula and sunflower—along with mango and peach. The result is a stunning sipper, one that its many fans find refreshing all morning and afternoon. They enjoy it iced, too.

Mother’s Day Teas: Blueberry Lavender Bliss Black Tea

Blueberrry Lavender Bliss combines favorite purple botanicals, including cornflower, into a majestic and soul-satisfying elixir.

Black tea is what mostly gets sipped at those fancy high teas. It’s the kind of tea people in the United Kingdom embrace with particular enthusiasm, which makes good sense: Black tea can be wonderful. For Mom’s Favorite Tea Box, we lead with an excellent black tea. But instead of stopping there—the black tea is worthy of sipping on its own—we decided to embellish the sipping experience with other flavors. This crowd favorite leans into purple, with fruity blueberry and floral lavender and cornflower. It offers zing, thanks to the ginger. And finally Blueberry Lavender Bliss goes deep, with the earthy notes of cocoa nibs.

Mother’s Day Teas: Capetown Medley Rooibos Blend

Flavor and health—a perfect combination for mom.

We created this blend with both flavor and health in mind, a combination that makes it especially suited for moms. This beauty revolves in part around rooibos, the caffeine-free shrub grown in South Africa that people in the country sip like mad. Rooibos offers both herbal and honey flavors. 

We love how rooibos tastes. And we trumpet its health properties, too. Packed with electrolytes and antioxidants, rooibos gives the human body fresh resources in its ongoing battle against cell-damaging free radicals. The tea also provides potent thirst-quenching capabilities, thanks to its abundance of electrolytes. 

Rooibos plays well in blends, fortunately. And with the additions of pomegranate, pomelo, orange, carrot and safflower, this blend will warm the heart of any mom.

Mother’s Day Teas: Organic Ginger Refresh Herbal Blend

Ginger adds a caffeine-free way to experience energy, along with bright flavor.

Sometimes a mom wants a pick-me-up—but without the caffeine. Several botanical compounds address flagging energy, including adaptogens like ginseng. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the plants most widely prescribed is ginger. Who doesn’t taste ginger and feel a little jolt of zip? The sensation is more than a passing dash of zest, however. Ginger can provide long-lasting energy. Even more, it famously gets used to soothe upset stomachs—it’s a strong digestive aide—and to help manage symptoms of the common cold. To our organic ginger we added other enlivening botanicals: lemongrass, peppermint, licorice and lemon peel. Talk about a fresh blend! 

Mother’s Day Teas: Organic Firefly Chai

Everybody needs a little chai in their lives—including moms. The style of tea from India, where it is sipped by nearly everybody, hinges on balance. Tea’s natural bitterness often gets tempered with a sweetener of some sort. The different spices play off of one another. And milk traditionally figures into most chai recipes, too, adding texture and depth. This house blend, one of our favorites (we carry nearly a dozen chais), stands as an exceptionally well-balanced chai. To the black tea—the standard for nearly all chais—we combine baking spices: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg. And then we cloak it all in the seductive perfumes and notes of vanilla. While some chais call to us only during winter, this model of balance satisfies year-round.

Mother’s Day Teas: Seven Stars Around the Moon Blooming Tea

Art tea is gorgeous!

Tea delivers much more than deliciousness, pleasing texture, health and aromatic loveliness. It also can bring about beauty. Our line of blooming art teas turns any clear vessel like a bowl or wide vase into an arresting visual feast—and one that also offers enchanting perfumes. Green tea, jasmine blossoms and a single orange flower comprise the bloom in this art tea. Not only is it pretty, it’s also a lovely beverage, with delicate notes of jasmine and the green tea’s herbal notes. Perfect for mom!

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