Explore Organic Herbal Tea for Huge Variety, Health Benefits

Explore Organic Herbal Tea for Huge Variety, Health Benefits

We love tea’s wild diversity. Tea is a pot of oolong, shared among friends in China. It’s a samovar of Russian Caravan in a dacha just outside of Moscow. It’s cups of smoky gunpowder and mint tea in Tunisia, gourds of yerba mate in Argentina, morning mugs in Johannesburg, pours of Earl Grey for elevenses in London and pitchers of cold, sweet, lemon-spiked tea at family reunions in Atlanta.

We’re just getting started. When we consider herbal teas—and that includes yerba mate and rooibos—tea’s variety grows exponentially more complex. People across Mexico guzzle chamomile and hibiscus teas. Koreans adore yulmu-cha, which is made from powdered yulmu seeds. Buckwheat tea (sobacha) and barley tea (mugicha) are popular in Japan, the French go crazy for their herbal tisanes (blends of botanical ingredients) and Ukrainians like Uzvar, a melange of stewed dried fruits.

Meanwhile, in much of the world people experiment with all manner of herbal blends. We brew and sip combinations of mint, lemongrass and ginger. Of rose petals, lavender and rosemary. Of nettle leaf, red clover blossoms, elderberries and sage. The list of possible combinations nears infinity.

Most Ku Cha Herbal Teas are Organic

Herbal tea certainly counts as a passion at Ku Cha House of Tea. We carry 26 bespoke herbal blends, and also offer a huge range of individual herbal ingredients, from calendula to valerian root, that invite customers to craft their own blends.

One big Ku Cha bonus: About 80% of our custom blends are organic. And among the few herbal teas that aren’t certified, most are predominantly comprised of organic ingredients. In addition, we carry traditional Camellia sinensis teas that are grown by small operations in Asia, and sometimes found in herbal blends. These farms do not always seek USDA Organic certification, but we know their agricultural practices are sound.

With September serving as National Organic Month, we have enjoyed featuring our many different organic teas, from traditional to chai. This week, we dive deep into our inventory of custom herbal blends—an especially rich and deep reservoir of organic excellence. Before doing so, we do want to point out that we carry organic yerba mate and organic rooibos, both of which are popular single-plant herbal teas.

Organic Herbal Tea: Cloud Chaser

Invite those clouds to drift away, with organic Cloud Chaser.

Autumn brings crisp air, gold aspen leaves, crackling hearths and overall atmospheric splendor. But as the month ripens, our balance of sunlight also steadily diminishes—and on Sunday, Nov. 5 we turn back our clocks. 

It all can make for a volatile season, at least as far as moods are concerned. We all savor many of fall’s advantages, but many of us respond with despair to the shrinking light. The season, too, brings the first biting temperatures since summer, as well as more gray skies. It reminds us that winter is coming. Not everybody is on board with the cold season’s return.

Consider our organic Cloud Chaser to carry you through the darker months. This beauty offers bold, bright flavors from lemon balm (which is somehow more lemony than … lemons), lavender, marjoram, peppermint and rose petals. And then it incorporates St. John’s Wort, which comes from a flowering plant common in North America—including Colorado and Boulder. We encounter the yellow-blossomed plant routinely in spring and summer on Boulder trails. The botanical is widely used by practitioners of herbal medicine to help people navigate mental health. Its many enthusiasts say the plant lifts their moods.

Organic Herbal Tea: Tired Bone Blend

Ease those aching joints, muscles and bones with organic Tired Bone blend.

Autumn compels many of us outdoors, to landscapes brilliant with colored leaves, autumnal aromas and crisp air. All of that activity can lead to exhausted joints, weary bones and general fatigue.

You’ll want a tasty solution—and not just for flagging energy. Your knees, ankles and hips will appreciate some attention, too.

Enter our organic Tired Bone Blend. Instead of jolting sippers awake with caffeine blasts, this tea relies on the ancient tree ginkgo, along with rosehips, to optimize the circulatory system. Many people leverage ginkgo for memory and intellectual activity; by improving circulation, it is believed that it helps deliver more blood and nutrients to the brain. Rosehips, too, can boost circulation. 

To these important herbs, we add lemon balm and lavender for flavor and additional benefits. Chamomile pumps up the flavor, too, while also aiding relaxation and serenity. And finally nettles. This extremely powerful botanical, a plant widely found around the world, gets used in culinary dishes as well as herbal remedies. Among other things, people use it to reduce inflammation. And all of that time traversing trails to witness fall’s beauty will lead to shouting joints. 

Enjoy this glorious tea for both its wonderful flavors and deep health benefits.

Organic Herbal Tea: Ginger Refresh

Organic Ginger Refresh stimulates and brightens, while also aiding digestion.

No self-respecting list of organic herbal teas from Ku Cha would be complete without our popular organic Ginger Refresh, a digestion-boosting and uplifting organic blend that we welcome year-round, both hot and iced.

We think of it as the perfect pick-me-up—without the caffeine. 

This favorite revels in ginger flavor: peppery, resonant, invigorating. Many people consider the root, famously featured prominently in many Asian cuisines, as a natural energy booster. It’s also well understood as a digestion aid. To this downright heroic rhizome, we add lemongrass, peppermint, licorice root and lemon peel. Each of these adds different flavors to the blend, including the licorice, which conveys sweetness without the sugar. But the licorice, just like ginger root, also serves as a powerful digestion booster.

The list above suggests a simple précis of our custom herbal blends, a catalogue that changes regularly as we come up with new favorite blends. Try the ones spotlighted here, and then begin exploring the rest of our broad inventory. And remember: nearly all of our herbal blends are organic, meaning the farmers behind the ingredients rejected chemical farming and did their part to help improve our planet’s environment.

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