Wallamopi Blooming Tea
Wallamopi Blooming Tea
Blooming Art Tea
A pack of four beautiful blooming art teas. The bloom is formed with green tea, jasmine flowers and a single elegant red flower. The name Xi Shi comes from the story of one of the most beautiful women in China. She was so beautiful, that when she gazed upon a fish pond, the fish were so struck they forgot to swim and sunk to the bottom of the pool. The beauty of this tea lives up to its name, and with the delicate flavors of green tea and jasmine, the flavor does too.
1 Bag
Using a 16-32 oz glass tea pot, pour boiling water directly over a single serving of blooming tea. The bloom will take about three to five minutes to open at which point you can drink the tea. To preserve the bloom as a decoration, fill the pot or a glass with cool water and submerse the opened bloom. It can remain a decoration in this form for 3 days.
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