Valentine Sample Pack
Valentine Sample Pack
Tea Variety Boxes
In this tea variety pack you will find 6 samples in cute clear-top tins, each with a description card. A brewing instruction card is also included in the box.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Green Tea - a refreshing green tea blend with rose, cherry, and hibiscus;

Pink Pomegranate Fruit Tea - a lovely caffeine-free fruit tea that will delight a youthful soul;

Organic Sweet Heart Blend Herbal Tea to promote heart health and bring out your natural beauty;

Valentine's Blend (black tea): a seasonal fruit tea blended with strawberry and passionfruit to celebrate love's big holiday;

Choco Pear Green Tea: a green tea with chocolate, pear, and a hint of ginger;

Vanilla Rooibos: a caffeine-free desert tea reminiscent of vanilla cookies.
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