Taste of Wu Yi
Taste of Wu Yi
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Wu Yi Mountain is located in Northern Fujian Province, Southeast China. There, teas known as "rock oolongs" grow. They get their name because of their terroir - the mountainous soil indeed is rocky, and it influences the teas’ flavors. Among other things, the parsimonious soil leads to fewer leaves. As a result, tea flavors are more concentrated. Rock Oolongs, In this Taste of Wu Yi tea box, you will find 1 single-serving bag of each of the 6 Rock Oolong teas: Bai Ji Guan (White Crest), Chi Dan (Marvelous Rouge), Qi Lan (Marvelous Orchid), Golden Peony, Huang Dan (Yellow Sunrise), and Que She (Bird Tongue). Each tea will come with a description card. Look for the distinct characters of Sweet, Pure, Fragrant, and Rocky Sensation when you sip these teas!
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