Silver Needle White Tea
Silver Needle White Tea
White Tea
Silver Needle (also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is made of the only tea buds picked in early spring. After being meticulously hand picked from the stem, the buds are fanned and dried in the sun before being lightly fired over charcoal at a very low heat, which serves to finish drying the tea while preserving its beautiful silver color. The sweetest of white teas, Silver Needle will coat your mouth with a clean, smooth sweetness. This is a great tea for a hot summer day, even served hot, as it lowers body heat. Since production is limited, this is a rare treat that is not to be missed!
2 Oz
4 Oz
8 Oz
1 Lb
Basic preparation;
Use 2 teaspoons of tea per 8-12 oz of water. Steep for 2 minutes with 175° Fahrenheit.

If you are interested in a lighter brew try using 1 teaspoon of dry leaves.

If you are interested in a stronger brew try steeping for 3 minutes.
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