Guayusa (Organic)
Guayusa (Organic)
Yerba Mate
Fruity, Woody, Rich, Naturally Sweet
Organic GUAYUSA (why-you-sa) is a caffeinated leaf native to Ecuador. It provides clear and focused energy - what the native Kichwa people call "mental strength and courage." Organic Guayusa is naturally sweet, and contains an exceptional balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids for your whole body and mind. This relative of the Yerba Mate plant has a taste reminiscent of Mate but sweeter, and with pronounced fruitiness, woodiness and richness.
4 Oz
8 oz
1 lb
Basic preparation;
For this tea we recommend a cold rinse by pouring cool water over the dry leaves. Discard the water and brew. Use 2 teaspoons of tea per 8-12 oz of water. Steep for 2 minutes with 150° Fahrenheit.

If you are interested in a lighter brew try using 1 teaspoon.

If you are interested in a stronger brew try steeping for 3+ minutes.

This tea re-steeps excellently a second and third time. To reuse the same leaves, brew successive infusions, not letting the tea sit out for more than an hour. Infuse the tea in the same way as the first steeping, but increase the steep time by one minute for each infusion.

For a Mate Gourd style of preparation;
A traditional preparation is done with multiple people. The host is in charge of pouring the water and testing the first two brews. To prepare the Mate (Gourd), fill the gourd half of the way full with Yerba (tea). Shake the tea to one side of the tilted mate and place the bombilla (filtering straw) into the mate on top of the yerba. The first brew is done with cold water, and can be either drunk by the host, or discarded. The second and successive brews are done with water that is about 150-175 degrees. The host drinks the first hot brew, then serves the successive brews to their guest(s). Each person drinks an entire Mate of tea.
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