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This artisan chocolate is the upscale version to traditional rice and chocolate bars. 'Genmai' translates to 'brown rice or unpolished rice' and with the addition of tea, this chocolate bar is actually a Genmai Cha ('cha' meaning 'tea') bar.

Tasting notes: The sweet milk chocolate is balanced by the deep nuttiness & crunchiness of the brown rice followed by the floral tea aftertaste.
35% milk chocolate
roasted brown rice
roasted green and fragrant jasmine tea
All teas are subject to change without notice to or from Ku Cha House of Tea. This is not a complete allergen list and severe allergies should be taken with caution. Undisclosed changes in "natural flavors" could introduce allergens into the teas that we buy from elsewhere. We can guarantee the ingredients of the teas labeled house blends but cannot assure that they have not been cross contaminated in their line of processing and delivery to us. That being said this is our best compilation of ingredients and allergens from the information provided to us.