Cloud Chaser Herbal Blend (Organic)
Cloud Chaser Herbal Blend (Organic)
Herbal Tea
Set aside fifteen minutes as a gift to yourself today. Find a quiet corner where you can enjoy a cup of Cloud Chaser. As you breathe in the calming aroma, bring to mind all of the things you are grateful for. This wonderful infusion of organic herbs combined with a daily ritual of gratitude will help lift your mood, and chase away lingering clouds, revealing nothing but blue skies and a brighter outlook.
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8 Oz
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Basic preparation;
Use 2 teaspoons of tea per 8-12 oz of water. Steep for 2 minutes with boiling water.

If you are interested in a lighter brew try using 1 teaspoon of tea.

If you are interested in a stronger brew try steeping for 3+ minutes.

For full health benefits, cover the tea as it brews.
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