Classic Sample Pack
Classic Sample Pack
Tea Samples
Mango Green: Among our most popular flavored teas, is lightly flavored with real mango fruit pieces blended in.

Sakura Blossom Green: Green Tea with Winterberry fruit blended in. A very pleasant and sweet infusion.

Apricot Black: This fine black tea is nicely complimented with the sweet, rich flavor of apricots. The taste is smooth with fruity aftertaste.

Madagascar Vanilla: Premium organic black tea with pieces of real vanilla. This tea yields a smooth, creamy brew reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.

Ginger Refresh: Slightly spicy, naturally sweet, this herbal blend is the best defense against the afternoon doldrums.

Peach Oolong: A pleasant, lightly oxidized oolong tea flavored with Peach flavor and contains real fruit pieces. Refreshing, fruity, and sweet.
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