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Classic Sample Pack
~ Plum Green Tea ~
Plum infused green tea blended with a touch of Kombucha powder. It has a fine, elegant taste and helps reduce fatigue, stimulate appetite, and reduce inflammation.
~ Organic Green Chrysanthemum ~
Our house blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, chrysanthemum flowers, rose petals, a touch of peppermint.
~ Spring in Paris ~
The sweet and fruity taste of the delicate strawberries receives a pleasantly spicy character from pink peppercorn, or "baie rose", from France.
~ Chocolate Mint ~
This blend of black tea and peppermint with a hint of chocolate flavor is the perfect dessert tea. It has a wonderful aroma, reminiscent of cookies and sweets.
~ Peach Oolong~
A pleasant, lightly oxidized oolong tea flavored with Peach flavor and contains real fruit pieces. Refreshing, fruity, and sweet.
~ Vanilla Rooibos ~
A nice blend of rooibos, almond pieces, calendula flower petals, and vanilla. This smooth and rich infusion is naturally caffeine free and therefore makes a wonderful after-dinner dessert tea.
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