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Calming & Relaxing

Catnip: (Oz)
Chamomile: (Oz)
Chrysanthemum: (Oz)
Lavender: (Oz)
Lemon Balm: (Oz)
Marjoran: (Oz)
St John's Wort: (Oz)
Valerian Root: (Oz)

Detox & Immune System

Calendula: (Oz)
Echinacea: (Oz)
Elder Flower: (Oz)
Eucalyptus: (Oz)
Eyebright: (Oz)
Holy Basil: (Oz)
Lapacho: (Oz)
Rosemary: (Oz)

Organ Health

Dandelion Root: (Oz)
Licorice Root: (Oz)
Nettle Leaf: (Oz)
Oat Straw: (Oz)
Rose Bud: (Oz)
Rose Petal: (Oz)
Raspberry Leaf: (Oz)
Sage: (Oz)
Stevia Leaf: (Oz)
Strawberry Leaf: (Oz)

Chai Spices

Allspice: (Oz)
Anise Seed: (Oz)
Bay Leaf: (Oz)
Black Peppercorn: (Oz)
Cardamon: (Oz)
Cinnamon Chips: (Oz)
Cloves: (Oz)
Fennel Seed: (Oz)
Nutmeg: (Oz)

Digestion Enhancement

Ginger Root: (Oz)
Lemongrass: (Oz)
Lemon Verbena: (Oz)
Peppermint Leaf: (Oz)
Spearmint Leaf: (Oz)
Jasmine Flower: (Oz)

Base Teas

Green Tea: (Oz)
Black Tea: (Oz)
Oolong Tea: (Oz)
Organic Yerba Mate: (Oz)
Organic Rooibos: (Oz)

Vitamins & Nutrients

Hibiscus: (Oz)
Rosehips: (Oz)
Lemon Peel: (Oz)
Orange Peel: (Oz)
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One of the China's top 10 green teas. Unique, long flat leaves produce a subtle brew, slightly nutty and floral.
One of the top 10 green teas from China. Bold and slightly smoky with a sweet aftertaste.
One of the most famous Chinese Green Tea

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