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Free Chinese Green Tea Tasting, Saturday January 24th, 12:30am-3:30pm, 20% off for these teas during the tasting hours for both in store and online customers.

For this week's free tea tasting, we will explore 3 more teas from our excellent Chinese green tea collection. Dragon Well is a very popular Chinese green tea with a pleasant nutty flavor. Er Mei is a bit more grassy and sharp with a lingering, sweet aftertaste. Tai Ping Hou Kui is smooth and subtle with unique long, flat leaves. This will be a great opportunity to get more familiar with Chinese green tea.

Tai Ping Hou Kui, A very unique tea and one of the top 10 green teas in China, this tea has a very distinctive appearance with long and flat leaves. This tea was invented in the 1900s in Tai Ping County, AnHui Province. It was a prize winner in the 1915 World Expo. Beyond its fame and the amazing craftsmanship that goes into it's production, the taste is also delightfully complex. When brewed, the tea has a subtle nutty flavor and lingering sweetness with a hint of floral notes. This is a highly recommended choice for those wishing to explore the fascinating and diverse world of Chinese green tea!

Er Mei Snow Bud, Another top 10 Chinese green tea, this one hailing from Sichuan Province. The flavor is fresh and grassy with a clear green brew. Er Mei Snow Bud was the Gold Prize winner at the 2006 Chinese National Tea Expo. Truly one of China's best green teas.

Dragon Well Superior, Also called Long Jing, this is one of the top 10 Chinese green tea from Zhejiang Province. As the top grade of Dragon Well (Dragon Well has 11 grades from Superior and grade 1 through 10), it produces a brew of golden color, distinctive nutty aroma and full, round flavor. This tea also contains the highest concentration of catechins (the major antioxidant element) among Chinese green teas.

Upcoming tea classes

Starting in September, Ku Cha will offer some new tea classes focused on some of the new types of tea we have recently imported from China! If you have ever been curious about the oolongs you are drinking or what makes puerh tea unique, these classes will be a great opportunity to go more in depth and sample some really special stuff. The classes will be held every Saturday morning from 10am-11am. They will be $20 per person (non-refundable) and they will be limited to a maximum of 6 people. Here is the schedule:

  • December 13th - Dark Tea

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