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Free Tea Tasting Schedule

New Oolong Tea Tasting, Saturday July 19th, 12:30am-3:30pm, 20% off for these teas during the tasting hours.

Qin and Rong are back from China and they have brought with them some exquisite teas! This week we will taste 3 new oolong teas, 1 yan cha (rock oolong) and 2 dan cong (single grove). The rock oolong, Shui Xian is lightly roasted with notes of citrus peel and moss. The dan cong teas are very fragrant and floral with fruity notes and a slightly earthy backbone. We have one "mi lan xiang", or honey orchid fragrance, and one "ya shi xiang", or duck shit fragrance (pardon the language, but this is actually what it is called!)

Wu Yi Yan Cha (Shui Xian), Shui Xian means “Water Spirit” in Chinese, and is one of the most popular Yan Cha, or Rock Teas, from Wu Yi Mountain, Fu Jian Province. Our Shui Xian is harvested from tea bushes of 50 years or older. This lightly roasted tea tastes subtly sweet with notes of river moss and wet stone.

Dan Cong (Honey Orchid), Dan Cong Honey Orchid is a signature tea from GuangDong, China. Dan Cong means “Single Grove,” which denotes a special process in which each grove of trees is harvested and processed individually. Each grove produces a unique type of fragrant leaf, in this case a sweet orchid aroma with notes of apricot.

Dan Cong (Ya Shi), Dan Cong means single grove, and is a unique type of Oolong tea from Guangdong Province, China. However, nothing can be more opposite than the name of this Dan Cong and its taste! Ya Shi means duck feces in Chinese; the reason of the naming is unknown. The fragrance of this tea is intensely flowery, with a hint of lilac. The taste is misty, bright, sweet and refreshing. A tea that pleases all your senses.

Upcoming tea tastings

All these three teas will be offered at 20% discount during the tea tasting time.

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