White Tea Gift Set
White Tea Gift Set
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White teas are made from young leaves and buds originating from the Fujian Province. Their delicate flavor depends on just the right climate, altitude, soil, and harvest time. The spring harvest season, when the silver buds and leaves are carefully picked, is short, making white tea rare and precious. The least processed of all teas, white tea leaves are only withered and dried by the sun. Due to its minimal processing, white tea retains high levels of antioxidants and theanine. White teas have a very delicate, subtle flavor.

What is in it: 6 premium white teas; 1 perfect hand-made bamboo tea scoop; 1 white tea mug with infuser; and 1 jar of Colorado raw honey for a taste of the Rockies.

Silver Needle (2 oz): This is the best white tea produced from Taimu Mountain, FuDing County, FuJian Province, China. Made exclusively of tea buds from early spring, this tea makes an exquisite brew that will coat your mouth with a clean, smooth sweetness. A rare treat that is not to be missed!

Summer Tranquility (2 oz): Infused with Peach and Apricot, this white tea is a perfect go-to tea in summer time. Brew it hot with a touch of honey or pour it over a glass of ice, let us make a toast for a peaceful and relaxing Summer holiday! (White Tea, Peach and Apricot Natural Flavoring)

Jasmine Silver Needle (2 oz): Premium silver needle white tea scented with fresh jasmine flowers up to six times, each scenting lasting four to five hours. With an intoxicating fragrance, this tea is a rich, sweet infusion with a multi layered, textured flavor. The king of all jasmine teas!

Cloud Forest White Tea (2 oz): Sipping this tea is like walking in a cloud forest surrounded by colorful wild flowers. Sweet, intoxicating aroma arouses a feeling of total relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection to nature. (White Tea, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Sunflower, Cornflower, Osmanthus, Rose, Safflower, Calendula, Natural Flavoring)

Shou Mei White Tea Cake (2 oz): Shou Mei means "Old Man's Eyebrow" in Chinese, and is a unique white tea produced in Fujian Province using more mature tea leaves. It's said to help improve the immune system, skin complexion, and is mildly detoxing per Chinese Medicine.

White Madagascar Pomegranate (2 oz): Premium white tea infused with soothing, fragrant Madagascar vanilla and bright, sweet pomegranate fruit. Sweet, mellow taste with notes of tarts and nuts. Simply healthy, nutritious, and delicious! (White Tea, Vanilla and Pomegranate Natural Flavors)
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