Ku Cha Artisan Iced Tea Starter Kit
Ku Cha Artisan Iced Tea Starter Kit
Tea Variety Boxes
To Quench the Summer Thirst

1. Organic Moroccan Mint (1 oz)
Moroccan people are famous for blending fresh mint and tea, then sweetening it with lots of sugar. Moroccan Mint is our own house blend of this traditional drink. The gunpowder green tea brings a strong flavor and is nicely balanced with sweet spearmint.
(Ingredient: Gunpower Green Tea, Spearmint)

2.Organic Sencha (1 oz)
Premium organic green tea from Shizuoka, Japan. The fresh leaves are steamed and lightly rolled, resulting in a mellow, refreshing, sweet taste with a nice lingering buttery finish.
(Ingredient: Sencha Green Tea

3.Organic Ku Cha Imperial (1 oz)
A blend of fine Ceylon black tea with grenadine and vanilla. Rich and flavorful, with fruity and sweet notes.
(Ingredient: Ceylon Black Tea, Calendula, Natural Flavoring)

4.Golden Monkey (1 oz)
This smooth and sweet black tea is from Fujian, China. The young and curled leaves brew an exquisite amber color. The rich taste is smooth and sweet with a gentle earthiness upfront that slowly dissolves into a lingering and sweet aftertaste.
(Ingredient: Golden Monkey Black Tea)

5.Jasmine Oolong Tea (1 oz)
This lightly oxidized green Oolong tea is scented with aromatic jasmine flowers. It is smooth, rich, and full bodied with a sweet jasmine scent.
(Ingredient: Jasmine Oolong Tea)

6.Summer Tranquility White Tea (0.5 oz)
Infused with Peach and Apricot, this white tea is a perfect go-to tea in summer time.
(Ingredient: White Tea, Peach and Apricot Natural Flavoring)
Cold Brew:Steep tea in cold water and refrigerate it overnight. Enjoy it cool and refreshing the next day.

Regular Method:Steep tea in hot water for 3-4 minutes. Fill up your tea cup with ice. Pour tea over ice and enjoy.

Measure: 1 tsp of tea leaves per 8 oz water; or 1 oz of tea leaves per 1 gallon of water
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