Da Hong Pao Premium Oolong Tea
Da Hong Pao Premium Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea
A high grade of Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe, this tea lives up to its rich, bold reputation. This single serving is measured out to be perfect for a gong fu brewing. This brew is smoky with mineral characteristics that represent the misty rock filled gardens from which this tea originates.
1 Bag
This tea is meant to be a single serving of gong fu tea, however it could also be brewed in a large pot. To do so rinse the leaves with boiling water before steeping the tea for 3 minutes.

For a Gong Fu style of preparation;
In this method we brew the tea using either a small clay or porcelain tea pot, or a gai wan. First, warm the set by pouring boiling water into the brewing vessel and then to the pitcher and cups. Discard the water either into your tea tray, or a bowl. Add seven to eight grams of tea to the brewing vessel. For oolong and puerh teas such as this, rinse the leaves with boiling water by pouring water over the tea and discarding the water immediately. Brew the tea by adding boiling water directly to the leaves, and allowing to steep for five to ten seconds. Pour the brew from the vessel through a strainer to a pitcher. If using aroma cups, pour the tea to fill the tall cups. Place the drinking cups upside down on the aroma cups. Holding the two tightly together so as to create a seal, flip the cups over so that the drinking cup is now right side up with the aroma cup on top. When ready, gently twist the aroma cup off of the drinking cup and while holding in the palm of your hands, smell the empty cup. The tea is now ready to drink! For successive infusions, brew in the same method, increasing the steeping time slightly as the tea begins to mellow in flavor. Enjoy!
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