History of Tea

Tea drinking started in China almost 5000 years ago. It’s believed the original usage of tea was for the medicine purpose. The first person started brewing tea was one of the prehistory Chinese kings, ShengNong, who is believed to the one who started Chinese medicine.

Tea has become art since roughly 1500 years ago in Tang Dynasty. The first comprehensive tea dictionary was written by Lu Yu, in AD 780. The dictionary is called “Ch’a Ching”, meaning “Tea Classic”.

Over years, Tea has been exported to other regions through the Silk Road and over sea. The first country imported tea from China was Japan, started almost 2000 years ago. The Dutch were the first to start trading teas between China and European. The first consignment was transshipped from Java to Europe in 1610. This marked the beginning of the lucrative tea trade between Europe and the East. The Dutch dominated the tea trade for more than a century and finally yield to the British. China was the sole supplier of tea to Europe till the middle of the nineteenth century, when British imported tea plant seeds into India and hire Chinese to plant teas there. Right now, there are over 50 countries in the world cultivate teas.

Tea gained a strong foothold among the affluent sections in Europe within 50 years of its first introduction into the continent. In about another 100 years it became an article of daily use in a large part of Europe and Britain. Tea is also becoming popular in America.

Teas can be classified into green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, etc. Among them, green tea has been developed over thousands of years. Other teas, such as black teas, have relatively shorter history. Black teas have become popular since eighteenth century. To stimulate the milk supplies, British government advocated the behavior of adding milk into the tea. Since then, black tea, which has heavier taste than green tea, became popular in British and the rest of the European countries.

Disclaimer: The benefits of tea are based on the thousands of years of human practices. However, please consult your doctors for any scientific approves. Teas are not the substitues of your medicinces.

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